This “Shukravaar Ka Vaar” completely revolved around the romantic interests of the Bigg Boss 16 house, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta. Salman Khan made sure that the reality check given should be understood. If you missed the episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 97 Live Written Updates here. Shalin’s aggressive behaviour is seen again today as Priyanka Chahar Choudhary continues to point out at her Sakhi. It was a very intense ambience in the house. But, there are a lot more juicy details from this episode that cannot be left out.

After their major argument yesterday, the Sakhis, Priyanka and Shalin appeared to be okay, but their icy relationship remains in place. Shalin interrupts Sreejita De and Priyanka’s conversation as they prepare for the “Shukravaar Ka Vaar,” and she then tells him to shut up. This goes up the hill when Shalin says that he wishes she gets a pimple, she gives it back by taunting him for throwing objects at him in a fit of rage and telling him directly that she doesn’t fear him. He gets annoyed and goes to sit with Tina, he tells her about Priyanka, but Tina also notes that he frequently gets into arguments with his friends.

Shalin and Priyanka continue to hold their argument against one another. They had to spray foam on the faces of those whose personalities hadn’t emerged despite having spent nearly ten weeks in the house during the task. A fight breaks out when Priyanka foams in her “Sakhi’s” face by calling Shalin confusing and refusing to accept responsibility for his own actions. The majority of the housemates, including Priyanka, went after Shalin over his. He pushes Priyanka’s hand just as she is about to put foam on Shalin’s face. Being angry is acceptable as long as there is no aggression present, it’s high time Shalin stops doing it.

Knowing that the rumours in the house revolve solely around Tina and Shalin, Bhai enters the house and immediately takes Tina’s class. after 10 weeks, it’s still unclear whether Shalin and Tina have feelings for one another or if their relationship is just a front for the cameras. Salman, who is known for being blunt, queries Tina about the game she is playing and with whom. Salman questions Tina about dancing closely with Shalin the night after a significant fight on New Year’s night after she makes but she clarifies it by saying there cannot be a relationship between her and Shalin. Moreover, Tina visits Shalin when she is weak, and when she is strong, she breaks free of the fictitious equation with him, according to Bhai. He even questions why she would tease him by saying things like, “You’re making me fall in love with you,” and then continue to justify it later by referring to their equation as “friends.” Salman further advises Tina that she should pursue the guy if you like him or leave it alone if not.

Salman is speaking to Tina when Shalin makes an ignorant move and interrupts, telling him not to be too harsh with her. Salman then asks Shalin if he comprehends why he is attempting to explain everything. Bhai thinks Shalin deceived him when he said he was being too harsh on Tina. He calls Shalin a fool and claims that he was only knocking some sense about Shalin.

Honestly, Shalin and Tina’s top was like hotcakes but at this point, their chemistry just keeps on dragging between them and my mind. One thing which was left incomplete was MC Stan and Archana’s class over speaking inappropriately in the house, it’s also said that their parents would be coming on stage. I am excited because after Shalin, Sumbul Toqueer and Tina’s parents have come in it’s time for MC Stan and Archana which is going to be interesting to watch. Stay tuned for more gossip and updates.

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