It’s “Shukhravaar Ka Vaar” and it’s time for Salman Khan to take charge of the Bigg Boss 16 house. Today Bhai will be doing confrontations happening straight up about the happenings in the house this week. To get a gist, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 97 Promo here. Bhai points out Tina Datta‘s confusing play about her relationship with Shalin Bhanot and both the lovebirds seem to be on Salman’s radar today. Not to forget MC Stan and Archana Gautam had a huge fight dragging their family into it and they both won’t be spared for this.

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11:19 pm: Shalin and Tina cry

After Salman goes away, Tina goes to the bedroom and cries. Priyanka tries to console her. Side by side, Sreejita makes Shalin understand what the situation is and tells him that he already has the answers when Tina has told him that she likes him as a friend.

11:13 pm: Salman’s lesson to Tina

Salman even asks Tina if Shalin has saved her from nominations two times how can she still be confused. But, Tina clarifies that Shalin’s actions are never clear.

11:03 pm: Shalin asks Salman not to be hard on Tina

Shalin interrupts while Salman is talking to Tina and tells him to not be too hard on her. Salman goes on to ask Shalin that does he understand why he is trying to tell all this. Bhai believes that Shalin was being fake when he told him that he is being too hard on Tina. He calls Shalin a fool stating that he was only looking out for him.

Salman comes back to Tina and asks her why she would tease him and say things like “You’re making me fall in love with you” and keep on saying I love you and then keep on justifying it “as friends” later. Bhai also suggests that if you like the guy go for the guy and if you don’t then just leave it.

10:57 pm: Salman reveals that all the contestants believe her feelings for Shalin are fake

Bhai goes on to tell Tina that she had the biggest advantage in the house because she went out saw the episodes and came back in. Salman reveals that when everyone was called into the confession room after New Year’s everyone called Tina’s feelings fake for Shalin. He also exposes in front of the contestants that Tina has said lines like “you’re making me fall in love with you”. After which he says that how can Tina say all this when she keeps on saying that she likes Shalin as a friend.

10:49 pm: Salman takes Tina’s class

Salman indicates that Tina is playing a game in the house. Archana says that she is playing the game of being romantic with Shalin. Soundarya tags them as fake. Salman says that it’s constant with Tina between a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for Shalin which is not cool. Bhai brings up the time of New Year when one moment they were fighting and the other Tina was closely dancing with him. Salman questions asking her what is she doing. He even clarifies that Tina sees her convenience and goes to him whenever she’s weak and when she becomes strong she pushes him away.

10:43 pm: Shalin wants to give Tina a hug

Shalin asks Tina whether he can give her a friendly hug but she denies it saying that the hugging business is over. Shalin keeps on saying that believes Tina feels for him but again she denies it. Tina goes on to bring up the time when Shalin sent her out of the house.

Simultaneously, Sajid is taking Sumbul’s class over constantly crying. He says that her watery tears won’t be valued if she keeps on crying about everything. Sumbul walks out from this conversation saying that she wants to be alone for some time.

10:38 pm: Discussions in the house around Shalin and Tina

Sreejita tells Nimrit that Tina is just saying all this now about Shalin but, later she will go to him. Soundarya believes that Shalin has already set up his mind that he will be getting the trophy and on the other hand, Tina thinks that she is Bigg Boss’s favourite.

10:33 pm: Tina clarifies Shalin’s issue with Sajid

Tina goes to Sajid to ask a few things about the ration retrieval task. But, Sajid exposes that Shalin had come up to him and told him masti is going on. Tina says that Shalin thinks himself of Sharukh Khan and that he goes on telling every girl keeps on saying ‘I love you’ to him.

10:22 pm: Priyanka targets Shalin

Priyanka foams her “Sakhi’s” face – Shalin by calling him confusing and not taking the blame for his own actions. While Priyanka is about to put on Shalin’s face he pushes her hand. This escalates the situation between them. Tina also goes on to foam Shalin’s face stating his aggression and calling him confusing. Sajid questions Tina if she has so many problems then why didn’t nominate him, she clarifies that she was keeping her friendship. Shalin goes on to nominate Nimrit and Archana.

10:07 pm: Foaming the face

The contestants have to foam each other faces justifying whose personality is still not clear. Archana chooses Tina and Shalin over their confusing relationship. Even Soundarya foams Tina’s face for the same reason as Archana. Sumbul Toqueer, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Abdu Rozik, and Shiv Thakare also go on to target Shalin. Tina’s friend MC Stan also puts foam on her face stating that he doesn’t understand her. Sajid Khan says he doesn’t understand Sreejita’s character and puts foam on her face. Sreejita chooses Archana calling her unpredictable and even Sumbul.

10:02 pm: Shalin and Priyanka’s argument continues

While the contestants are getting ready for “Shukravaar Ka Vaar”, Shalin interrupts the conversation Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Sreejita De are having. Priyanka tells him to shut up. This escalates when Shalin says that he hopes that Priyanka gets pimples and Priyanka taunts him by saying that she is not like him who throws things when angry.

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