The mystery of what’s actually going on between Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot dominated the previous episode. Salman Khan sees to it that Tina receives a reality check for her behaviour towards Shalin and receives a good slamming from Bhaijaan for being puzzled. If you missed this episode, you should definitely catch up on it at Bigg Boss 16 Day 97 Highlights here. After seeing the contestants clash over muddas in the Bigg Boss 16 and dragging in “Maa” and “Baap” every time, it’s time for the contestant’s parents to join on the stage for “Shanivaar Ka Vaar”. MC Stan and Archana Gautam ‘s class was skipped but, today they will be on Bhai’s radar.

The families of the contestants who clash the most are to be welcomed on stage today. It’s time to know what the families think of the other contestants who get into a conflict with their beloved children. This only gets more interesting as Salman poses a question to the MC Stan’s mother asking who is the mastermind in the mandali, she replies with Sajid Khan‘s name. Archana’s brother and MC Stan’s mother also go on to argue over the abusive words said against each other in the house. Even Tina’s mother attacks Stan’s mother that Stan’s language is dirty. On the other hand, Tina’s mom believes that Shalin keeps on badmouthing behind Tina’s back but, Salman clarifies that Tina also does the same. It’s going to be fun at this point to watch this as the parents also get involved now.

The conflict which happened between Archana and MC Stan was yet to be addressed by Bhai and today that would be highlighted. Even after having a one on one session with Archana last weekend, Salman seems to disappointed with her behaviour. He goes to tell her what her bestie Soundarya Sharma always tells that her muddas are right but the way she speaks it’s not correct it will also lead her to making more enemies without realizing. Bhai opens her eyes by stating that she thinks she’s frank but in reality she is just being rude.

I am eager to see what changes come in Archana’s behaviour after this session. Also, coming back to Tina and Shalin’s chemistry will the lovebirds be clear about their feelings or go back to how they were. Only time will tell.

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