It was a lively morning in the Bigg Boss 16 house, full of laughter and excitement. With the car as the centre of attention, the contestants were ready to take on whatever the day had in store for them. The finale week seems to be going on with full entertainment and fun and lets me declare that for the very first time, the contestants managed to complete one task without having a fight and this has happened never before. Krushna Abhishek comes into the house with his own style of comedy and tickles everyone’s funny money making sure that he roasts everyone from Archana Gautam to Shalin Bhanot! To get a gist into today’s episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 128 Promo here.

The Bigg Boss house was buzzing with excitement as the contestants woke up to a sleek car parked in the living area. Archana, Shiv Thakare, Shalin, and MC Stan couldn’t contain their excitement as they speculated about the car’s colour. MC Stan, always the joker, jokingly begged Bigg Boss to spare him from any gruelling tasks, for his life was at stake. To my surprise, MC Stan and Priyanka seemed to be getting along surprisingly well. Archana playfully suggested to Shalin that he should choose the car over the grand finale, and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary burst into laughter as the two girls pulled Shalin’s leg.

Comic genius Krushna Abhishek graced the Bigg Boss 16 set dressed as the elderly Pushpa, bringing energy and laughter with his impeccable dance moves. The contestants grooved together in this wild roasting session, with even Bigg Boss getting a share of the jokes. Shalin was roasted for his overacting and for being a “rich poor man,” while MC Stan’s flood and fireproof dreadlocks were the target of laughs. Priyanka received jabs for her tendency to voice her opinion on matters that don’t concern her, and Archana’s voice was a source of humour for Pushpa (Krushna). He even poked fun at Shiv Thakare’s expenses as the leader of his group. Pushpa took flirting with the Bigg Boss 16 house to the next level, inviting the master of the house for a wedding night. Pushpa tries to seduce Bigg Boss with hilarious one-liners and laughs galore.

In the Bigg Boss 16 house, Pushpa stirs up some laughter as she cracks jokes while distributing gifts from fans. Chess is offered to MC Stan, but Pushpa declines, citing it as an individual game. Priyanka is playfully teased for jumping into others’ affairs. After this, Shalin expresses his discomfort about being joked about for acting all the time. Archana reassures him that they don’t need to prove themselves. Meanwhile, Baby Khanna arrives with a fun game for the contestants. As the setup is being arranged, Krushna disguised as Jacky Shroff enters the house, swaying and acting drunk, grooving to a popular romantic sad song. The housemates are entertained as they watch the Bollywood legend’s spoof.

The fun continues in the BB house as Baby introduces a new game, where two contestants come forward at a time to answer questions and perform tasks. In the first round, Shalin and Shiv show off their bodies while the other contestants score. In the next round, Archana and Priyanka tackle a tongue twister, ending with Priyanka smashing a chocolate cake on Archana’s face. Shalin and Stan are asked about Priyanka’s prior serial, with Shalin winning and receiving a kiss from a male Suman, much to his dismay. Shalin and Priyanka then perform an act as Tina and Shalin while Archana and Shiv give a politician-style speech. With a final dance, the guests bid farewell to the housemates and the fun-filled day comes to an end.

The contestants unite to create a captivating commercial for the Hyundai car and surprisingly for the first time on Bigg Boss 16, there was no single argument or a fight during a task which I was impressed to see.
Under the stars, MC Stan expresses gratitude to Bigg Boss for imparting valuable lessons he’ll hold dear. As they reflect on their Bigg Boss journey, Archana muses on the diverse reasons each of them gained fame in the house and she proudly states that they’ve played solo while the mandali played in groups.

Looks like the finale week is going better than expected and more entertainment is on the way. Stay tuned for updates and gossip as well as wait together to see who would take the trophy home this weekend.