The Bigg Boss 16 contestants faced the brutal and blunt questions of the press which came into the house for a press conference to clear their doubts and interpretations. This episode was filled with drama and a few revelations. To get a gist of the episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 129 Promo here. The press conferences bring in drama, MC Stan and Shalin Bhanot break into a huge fight and along with that even Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Archana Gautam seem to raise a mudda in the never-ending kitchen matters. Even though only a few days are left the drama is still high.

In the Bigg Boss house, Priyanka and MC Stan seem to have struck up a friendly bond over a cup of coffee. Priyanka even seeks MC Stan’s advice on which earring to wear, causing Shiv Thakare to burst into laughter. Meanwhile, Archana confides in Shalin that she feels the “mandali” group thinks they’re the only ones doing anything in the house. The mood lightens as MC Stan and Shiv ask Bigg Boss to send a hairdresser for a pre-finale haircut. In good spirits, MC Stan and Shiv playfully tease Priyanka about the song she was singing, and the trio even breaks out into a spontaneous sing-along.

The finale week brings in a press conference, where the finalists are grilled by the media. Relationships, game strategies, and in-house dynamics come under scrutiny, leaving no housemate unscathed. MC Stan wittily answers the first question, dedicating it to Archana. Priyanka is questioned about Tina’s cryptic remarks about Shalin, but she denies any pressure. Shalin is called out for making fun of Nimrit’s mental health, and he explains that he was going through his own mental trauma and couldn’t control his behaviour. The press conference is filled with drama and intrigue, as the contestants navigate difficult questions and defend their actions in the house. One reporter asked Shiv about his association with ex-contestant Sajid Khan and his role in the house. Shiv confidently replied that he was not a follower but rather he found a friend in Sajid. Next up, Shiv and Priyanka were asked about playing the game and working together. They both responded with their unique approaches to friendship and standing up for themselves. The question was then posed to Shiv, would he sacrifice the trophy for his friend MC Stan? As for Priyanka and Archana’s friendship, they both agreed that it’s filled with arguments and that fighting over small issues is now a thing of the past. Archana even jokingly added that Shalin brings bad luck, even the chicken has faced it.

Reveal alert: MC Stan reveals he compliments Priyanka behind her back but fears her wrath if he says it to her face. A journalist asks Archana if she sees herself as a Rakhi Sawant, which she takes as a compliment. MC Stan explains why he always says “vote for the mandali” and includes himself in the vote. Priyanka is asked about her support for Archana during a task, to which Archana defends herself saying the mandali tormented her even outside of the tasks. Archana is questioned about her double standards during a fight with Shiv Thakare. Journalist grills contestants on various topics. MC Stan is caught complimenting Priyanka behind her back, but avoids saying it to her face due to fear of angering his “bubba.” Archana is asked about her double standards and why she called Nimrit privileged. Shalin’s habit of gossiping is brought up, and he admits to enjoying it. Shiv Thakare denies playing a love angle, while MC Stan names Shalin as a dual personality. The conference concludes after a series of questioning.

The press conference heats up as Shalin and MC Stan face off. Shalin is questioned about his “masterstroke” on the show, sparking MC Stan’s annoyance. The tension rises as MC Stan calls out Shalin’s interruptions leading to a full-blown fight. MC Stan accuses Shalin of his speaking style, causing the argument to escalate. With Stan accusing Shalin of playing the victim. Shalin retaliates, raising his voice and declaring he’s not a victim. The argument intensifies, until Archana intervenes, reminding them they only have 5 days left before they go home. In response, Shalin and Stan agree to cut off communication and avoid each other.

The kitchen then becomes a battleground as Archana and Priyanka engage in a food fight, with Archana accusing Priyanka of shirking kitchen duties and Priyanka calling Archana a ‘bol bachchan’. Archana takes control of the kitchen and taunts Priyanka, saying she can lift weights but can’t make rotis. Despite her tough exterior, Archana breaks down and vents her frustrations, longing for someone to talk to. On the other hand, Priyanka, MC Stan and Shiv have a good laugh about Shalin’s evasive answers during the press conference. The house remains on edge as the finale draws near.

Today was a rollercoaster ride in the Bigg Boss 16 house, with the media in attendance, contestants got to face their actions and see how they’re perceived outside. The anticipation is high for what’s to come in the remaining 5 days. Get ready for more twists, turns, and juicy gossip!