Looks like there was a storm in the Bigg Boss 16 house tonight, it was not only a battle of the captaincy and the matter of rations, there were friendships put at stake today and I was at the edge of my seat. Since Bigg Boss 16 has started playing games it just keeps getting tougher for the contestants to survive with each other and it’s JUST been a few weeks. If you missed today’s episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 25 Live Written Updates. While Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia cried her heart out feeling betrayed by Gautam Vig. Priyanka Choudhary was seen in full action playing the game. In one word I would like to describe the episode as ‘stabbing and chaotic’.

Archana Gautam is now the ex-captain of the Bigg Boss 16 house as Bigg Boss decides to take away her powers immediately after a morning of rantings about being the captain. All the contestants are buckled up to fight for the captaincy throne. Meanwhile, I see a few contestants in the house influencing Abdu Rozik firstly, Archana tries to tell him to fight and stand up for himself followed by Sajid Khan telling him to request the audience to get Gautam out of the game.

Now let’s talk about all the changing friendships in the house. Shalin Bhanot is clearly showcasing his convincing skills by trying to convince Sumbul Touqeer and then Gautam. While Sumbul was easy to convince, Gautam is still angry with Shalin and doesn’t bother about him. Sumbul also apologizes to Abdu for nominating him but Abdu was right about the fact that everyone keeps fighting and then they think it’s okay to say sorry.

The hot game for the seat of captaincy in the Bigg Boss 16 house begins, a throne is placed in the horror room to which the contestants have to race and whoever sits first becomes the captain. Shiv Thakare gets there first and becomes the captain for the moment, but now that Bigg Boss is playing the game himself it’s not that easy. The task is to either choose between the captain or the ration of the house. Nimrit goes on to give up the ration which disappoints the majority of the contestants.

All the contestants do in the Bigg Boss 16 house is clarify to each other, Nimrit tries to clarify her decision but none of the housemates seems to listen to her and start pointing fingers at her. Priyanka Chowdhary is being a player in today’s game. She mentions to Gautam that whoever comes next should just let them take the ration. Gautam tries to play an emotional game with Ankit Gupta and tries to convince him to let his captaincy seat be but Ankit is stern on his decision and gets the ration.

Bigg Boss flips the game, after the activity, he goes on to say that this week there will be no captain appointed for the whole week. While a round table discussion of the ration is taking place Gautam and Nimrit end up yelling at each other. In the fight, Nimrit even says that she doesn’t want to open her mouth too much which makes me curious to know what secret is Nimrit keeping.

At the end of the episode, Abdu consoles Nimrit. As soon as the light goes off that’s the time when gossip begins in each room from Archana to Soundarya everyone starts gossiping about the activity and the fights followed after.

Honestly, today was a very heavy episode but that’s what made it one of the most entertaining ones. Can’t wait to watch the changing factors in the house. Stay tuned for more. Also, vote for your favorite contestant on MyGlamm & get a chance to meet Salman Khan. 

Shraddha Kapoor My Glamm