In the Bigg Boss 16 house, as the personal battle of Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer continue there’s an upcoming war which will take place in the name of the weekly ration and the most precious spot of being the captain. In case you don’t know what drama is going to happen tonight, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 26 promo here. There are not too many happy people in the house at the moment and now Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia seems to be upset too with her friend Gautam Vig. I would say ‘kisi ke nazar lag gayi hai’ on all the friendships in the house that seem to be going down in flames.

With so much drama going on simultaneously, read the Live Updates here

10:55 pm: Soundarya Calls Nimrit, ‘another Sumbul’

After the day gets over, Soundarya Sharma is discussing the matter with Gautam Vig where she mentions that Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is acting like ‘another Sumbul’.

10:47 pm: Nimrit calls her and Gautam’s friendship – ‘Fickle’

Nimrit and Gautam start yelling at each other at their top of the voices. While crying she tries to explain that she is feeling betrayed by Gautam. Soundarya is trying to get in between but the matter is alot more heated than expected.

10:45 pm: Round Table discussion for the ration

Nimrit and Ankit Gupta get into an argument over the things Shiv promised over the ration.

10:40 pm: Where there is Archana, there is chaos

Archana Gautam is no longer the captian anymore, Bigg Boss tells her to empty the bedroom. He gives a countdown from 10 and the housemates run here and there trying to empty the bedroom ASAP.

10:36 pm: No captian this week

The game is now over. Bigg Boss goes on to announce that there will be no captian in the house this week and the special captian bedroom will be kept empty.

10:32 pm: Bigg Boss wakes up Ankit Gupta

Bigg Boss notices Ankit gupta not been involved and makes him walk the whole house adding the fun element. Even after Gautam trying his max to convince Ankit, he still chooses the ration.

10:23 pm: Soundarya Sharma chooses Gautam over Ration

Ofcourse, I saw this coming. Did you think otherwise? Soundarya definitely gave the throne to Gautam.

10:20 pm: MC Stan chooses Ration over Shiv Thakare

Shiv Thakare and Mc Stan have a discussion together and decide to give the food priority.

10:16 pm: Nimrit tries to clarify her decision to the housemates

Priyanka Chowdhary clearly doesn’t like Nimrit’s decision on the ration. While Nimrit tries to make everyone understand, she fails. Priyanka is very adamant on the fact that she wouldn’t give the ration to Nimrit.

10:14 pm: Gautam Vig finds Nimrit’s decision wrong

The housemates of Bigg Boss 16 seem to be badly disappointed with Nimrit’s decision. Even Gautam tries to mention it to her that the decisions are not right but Nimrit supports her stand by saying ‘her choice’.

10:10 pm: Nimrit’s gives her ‘Kurbaani’

The games goes on as Bigg Boss also wants the contestants of the house to be in the decision of the captain selection. He calls, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and gives her a grocerry list and makes her choose between taking it all or removing Shiv from the captiancy right away!

She selects Shiv’s captaincy over the grocerry.

10:05 pm: The battle for the captiancy and ration begins

Bigg Boss removes Archana from the captian position because she kept asking Bigg Boss to do so. In the Horror room a chair is kept where Bigg Boss says that whoever sits on the Chair becomes the captian.

10:00 pm: Shalin Bhanot on a convicing marathon

After convincing Sumbul Touqeer, Shalin goes on to convince Gautam Vig. Though Gautam is not interested Shalin still tries to make him understand his feelings but, Gautam believes that Shalin is ‘playing dumb’. Tina Datta tries to tell Shalin to now play the actual game.

9:57 pm: Requests his fans to take Gautam Vig out of the show

As Abdu Rozik is feeling upset about Gautam nominating him. He requests his fans to take him out of Bigg Boss.

9:52 pm: Shalin Bhanot tries to convince Sumbul

Suprisingly it didn’t take much to convince Sumbul. They seem to have patched up their friendship with a hug. It was super quick!

9:49 pm Archana Gautam tries to tell Abdu Rozik to get into a fight

Archana believes that if Abdu Rozik fights it means that he would be taking a stand for himself. Abdu clearly says ‘No’ to it.

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