After the ‘Sukhravaar Ka Vaar’, the Bigg Boss 16 contestants have had a sense of realization that their actions could have consequences. But, there is still a clash escalating between Shalin Bhanot and Gautam Vig at the end of the episode. If you missed out on the episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 28 Highlights here. Before Ankit Gupta and Sumbul Touqueer got seated in the ‘Guardian Needed’ chair, Abdu Rozik also got votes to be seated in the chair.

India’s favourite and the sweetest member of the house Abdu was seen getting voted constantly by the housemates. Shockingly, even Sajid Khan had voted for him during the ‘Guardian Needed’ activity. Many of the contestants believe that he gets easily influenced by others and has communication and language issues. But, Salman Khan took a stand for him saying that he has got the most real personality in the house. Abdu had gotten nominated this week when Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia took his name but looks like she will regret her decision and will be in tears when Salman announces that Abdu has to leave the house.

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After a whole week of not having a Captain in the house, Salman will bring in a twist tonight, this is going to be an interesting part to watch how desperate are the contestants to get the power in their hands. Gautam Vig will be given a choice to select between giving up the ration or choosing the throne of the captain. The contestants will be shocked when he chooses captaincy over food and this will cause discontent. Sajid, Nimrit, and even Abdu will be disappointed with this decision and will state that they shouldn’t have a captain like this who gives up food for his own benefit.

Gautam’s decision might affect his equations in the house, I am eager to see how would he convince the other contestants that he made the right choice. Moreover, Abdu faces the consequences as Salman Khan calls him out of the house. He is the light of the show this season, whether Abdu is really leaving? The audience did not vote for him? Honestly, I’m gripping tight on my seat for tonight’s episode. I feel this will be the saddest eviction for me if its true.

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