In the Bigg Boss 16 house, the tables have turned as the ration is taken away because of Gautam Vig‘s decision. The new captain of the house, Gautam Vig is distributing the ration according to his wishes which leads to differences in opinions between the contestants. If you missed on the promo, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 30 Promo here. There is a lot of togetherness seen in the house today. But, two people who didn’t get along well were Shalin Bhanot and Priyanka Choudhary as they get into an argument over the food in the house. Read about Bigg Boss 16 day 31 promo here.

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10:51 pm: Bigg Boss plans to give the ration back

Activity will be conducted for the contestants tomorrow to earn their own ration.

10:44 pm: More food in the confession room

MC Stan, Sajid Khan, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Abdu Rozik get more food to eat while they keep on munching in the confession room secretly and pretending to be on a hunger strike outside.

10:38 pm: Sajid explains Gautam his situation

Sajid justifies his anger to Gautam. Sajid looks proud of Soundarya as she’s stood by him when everyone’s against him.

10:33 pm: Bigg Boss gives a secret task

Bigg Boss gives Nimirt and Sajid food to eat in the confession room after which they have to complete a task where they take raw dal-rice mix together and keep separating it if they want tomorrow’s ration. MC Stan and Shiv Thakare are included in the secret task.

10:24 pm: Sajid gets on Gautam’s nerves

Sajid is ready to pick a fight with Gautam. He goes to convince him but again he fails.

10:18 pm: The Shalin-Gautam dispute continues

The housemates don’t understand Shalin’s actions and even Gautam doesn’t. Shalin also states that he would not even bother if he is getting evicted.

10:12 pm: Abdu in support of Sajid’s plan

Abdu rejects his food after knowing that Sajid and Shiv are not eating.

10:08 pm: Bigg Boss tells Shalin to ‘Cut The Crap’

Even Bigg Boss is confused about Shalin’s various behaviour shifts. Everyone in the house finds Shalin’s reactions ‘Fake’.

Bigg Boss finally gives him his chicken finally and asks him to be ‘real’.

10:00 pm: Sajid on a hunger strike

Sajid doesn’t seem to cool down even a bit after yesterday and he has made it his mission to not eat until Gautam is removed from the captaincy.

Shiv Thakare is also in support of it.

9:55 pm: Nimrit and Soundarya’s catfight

Nimrit finds that Gautam is blinded by the captaincy and is not seeing the sufferings and the issues that have been created.

9:50 pm: Priyanka Choudhary questions Shalin Bhanot

Priyanka mentions to Shalin that taking eggs from Gautam was a wrong decision. Shalin loses his cool and they both continue to shout at each other.

Gautam clarifies between the fight that the egg tray is only given to Shalin to keep.

9:45 pm: Soundarya convinces Sajid

Sajid goes on a hunger strike, and Soundarya Sharma goes to convince him to eat food.

9:43 pm: Gautam Vig distributes ration

Bigg Boss sends in limited food which Gautam is distributing. He gives 12 eggs to Shalin Bhanot.

9:35 pm: Sajid Khan asks Gautam Vig to stay away from him

Gautam goes to talk to Sajid but he is disinterested to have a conversation with him. Sajid tells him to stay away from him.

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