The Bigg Boss 16 house gets lucky as the star cast of Govinda Naam Mera brings the stage to life and also makes the contestants dance at their fingertips. To get a gist of what’s going to happen in today’s episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 76 Promo here. On Kiara Advani and Vicky Kaushal‘s request, MC Stan dedicates a song to Archana Gautam. They even get Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta to dance to a romantic song. There’s a lot more in store for the contestants that these two glamorous bring in tonight’s episode. 

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11:12 pm: Vikkas targets Archana

Vikkas tag Archana as Thiki and accuses her of taking names of other families in fights which makes her a bad person. Rohit and Ranveer ask Vikkas to mimic Archana and give a winning speech on her behalf as she is the person who wins the most tags for being Thiki.

10:55 pm: Ranveer Singh & Rohit Shetty ready to take the stage

The star cast of Cirkus comes in on the stage to interact with the contestants. Rohit and Ranveer bring in the dragon fire chutney task. Each contestant has to pick a person whose the most thika in the house.

Nimrit and Soundarya select Archana. Archana goes on to pick Soundarya. Shiv obviously takes Priyanka’s name over the clashes happening between them in the house. Rohit offers to take Shiv and Priyanka to Khatron Ke Khiladi. The game continues, and Priyanka, Ankit, Tina and Sreejita go on to select Archana. When it’s Sumbul Toqueer and Stan’s turn, they choose Priyanka. Vikkas is targeted by Abdu who discloses that Vikkas has called him stupid and also accused him of not understanding the show. Shalin surprisingly takes Tina’s name.

10:48 pm: Vikkas gets personal with Archana

Archana and Vikkas brawl with each other. Vikkas tends to get a little personal over her political party and loses with less than one per cent of votes. Soundarya Sharma takes a stand with Archana by warning him that it’s not ethical to comment on anyone’s personal life. In between this Priyanka gets into the fight and the frenemies clash again.

10:43 pm: Before taking class, Salmaan brings in the fun part

Salman calls in Shiv to act like Shalin when he was roaming around restlessly near the exit tunnel when Tina left. Vikkas mocks Archana by imitating her voice, requested by Salman.

10:38 pm: Salman challenges the cast

Salman poses a challenge to them to act as if Vicky’s wife enters as the reel-couple is dancing on the terrace of the house. Sportingly, both of them put a hilarious performance.

10:33 pm: Kiara and Vicky join Salman on stage

The star cast danced along with Salman Khan on their new song from the movie. The radio show carries on with Vicky and Kiara playing some songs and Bhai dedicates it to his celebrity friends. Kiara brings in the fun element by making Salman dance with her own steps.

10:26 pm: Abdu interrogated by Kiara

Kiara asks Abdu Rozik in a fun way who would he take to Tajikstan. He takes Sajid and Stan’s names. On the other hand, he would ban Shalin because he is an actor and also jokes that his country would run out of chicken. By dedicating Abdu a song from her new movie, they enter the house. Inventing hook steps for the Bigg Boss anthem, the stars teach the contestants and take a leave wishing them the best.

10:23 pm: Archana feels betrayed by Priyanka’s friendship

When Kiara questions Archana who is her real friend in the house. She takes Priyanka’s name but, also states that she has given her enough back in their friendship but, Priyanka fails to understand.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Nimrit go on to dance with each other on Vicky’s demand.

10:17 pm: Shiv grooves with the ladies

Shiv Thakare is asked by Kiara what type of girl he likes, and he flatters Kiara by answering that he would love someone from her character in the movie Kabir Singh. Kiara asks him to dance with all the ladies in the house and Shiv doesn’t fail to give a powerful performance.

10:07 pm: Kiara Advani & Vicky Kaushal tune into BB Radio

The star cast of Govinda Naam Mera has turned the Bigg Boss 16 house into a radio station. Kiara starts by teasing MC Stan with his bubba’s name. She plays the first song, ‘Yeh Ladki Pagal Hai’ and Stan dedicates it to Archana. Shalin Bhanot is the next target, he gives the ‘Ravas’ label to Vikkas Manaktala. Kiara goes to demand to see a dance between Shalin and Tina, which turns into a romantic scene. Sreejita De calls Shalin paltu when they ask who makes better food between Sreejita and Tina. Archana dedicates the song ‘Ban Gaya Kutta’ to Shalin because he keeps running behind Tina.

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