The Bigg Boss 16 house faced some ups and downs but, the ration task added to the fun element. It only turned heated between Sumbul Toqueer and Sajid Khan at the end of the task. I can see the mandali having a lot of disbalance amongst themselves these days. If you missed the episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 81 Live Written Updates here. One thing which kept me on the hook was Priyanka Chahar Choudhary‘s decision which she took today. It was a perfect balance of drama and fun.

The episode won’t start until there is an issue related to the kitchen and today was no other different. Sreejita De questions Tina Dutta about when she would make breakfast despite the fact that she is not feeling well. Tina requests ten to fifteen minutes. Supporting Tina, Archana Gautam prompts Sreejita to at least give her some time. Sreejita declares that everyone in the house will have to prepare their own breakfast as Tina needs to rest because she is ill. Due to Tina’s perception that Sreejita is nudging her while she is in the kitchen, this goes to escalate into a fight. I don’t think that early morning fights are going to get old sometime soon.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: what’s going on between MC Stan and Tina. I thought this was an unbreakable friendship. Stana and Tinzi’s friendship is fraying as a result of Stan nominating Tina. Today’s confrontation takes place, and she questions why he would call her a fake. Stan, on the other hand, denies referring to her as a fake. Stan accuses her of only being friends with her because of his enormous fan base which leaves Tina in tears. A revelation happens when  Stan discloses that he had mentioned once that he would take Tina in one of his music videos after which she started calling him ‘stana’.

This is where the dramatic part comes in Priyanka is summoned to the confession room, and this is the part of the episode that kept me on edge. She is given the option of getting back the 25 lakhs prize money or pressing the buzzer to evict Ankit Gupta from the house immediately. Regardless of how much these two fight, they have each other’s back throughout the show, and she, of course, saves Ankit. As a result of her decision, the entire house goes gets heated up. Archana seems to have enjoyed the most when Priyanka was put in a tough spot. When Sajid saved Sumbul, Priyanka got into a fight with him and this upsets Sajid. While on the other side, he is certain that this is due to the screenplay, and Ankit will most likely leave this weekend. I am curious to know what will go down as a twist awaits because voting lines are closed for this week.

The weekly ration task was both unique and amusing. As there were guests invited to distract the contestants, they would have to completely ignore them in order to bask in their ration. MC Stan is the first to press the buzzer, giving him the advantage. Shalin Bhanot‘s guts were put to the test when he was forced to ignore chicken while another guest brought in letters of family and narrated them.

The letter-reading part was hard and this even caused a disagreement between Sumbul and Sajid. Sumbul is alleged to be responsible for a strike as Sajid blames her for reacting while her letter from her father was being read. Sajid mocks Sumbul’s father for writing poetry in the letter. Sumbul becomes irritated and walks away. In order to make Sumbul understand, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia tries to calm her down.

Today’s episode was satisfying to watch with some drama and to balance it out with equal fun. Stan and his love story with Bubba along with Nimrit, Stan and Shiv Thakare remembering the first day when they entered the Bigg Boss 16 was completely a highlight for me.

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