Apart from having kitchen issues, the Bigg Boss 16 contestants have left no stone unturned when it comes to badmouthing each other. There has been a disbalance between many friendships this week. To get a gist of today’s drama read Bigg Boss 16 Day 82 Promo here. Some juicy gossip unfolds between Sreejita De and Soundarya Sharma about Tina Datta. The ration task continues and it’s about to get more difficult to ignore the guests. Archana Gautam gets frustrated over Priyanka Chahar Choudhary as the twist enters and breaks down in tears. Let the drama continue as when ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ is nearing, it’ll be flashing it all, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 83 Promo here to know what Bhai has in store for us this weekend.

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10:55 pm: Sajid calls Sumbul ‘boring’

Sumbul Toqueer‘s mood is still off over yesterday’s disagreement with Sajid. He confronts her asking what has happened but Sumbul tries to not answer. Sajid, on the other hand, is upset with Sumbul behaving this way and mentions to Shiv and Stan, that if she is left alone she is boring.

10:50 pm: The task for men

Shiv, Shalin and MC Stan are judged by the contestants in a Garnier men’s facewash task. In the first round, Nimrit asks a few questions and whoever knows the answer out gets to win the task even the contestants vote in on their opinions of the answer. Shiv and MC go on to the next round and by bursting all the bubbles, MC Stan wins the round.

10:44 pm: Tina and Stan hug and get over their fight

The housemates are engrossed in their own happiness over getting to hear words from their family members. Tina and Stan diminish their ongoing fight and hug clearing their differences.

10:36 pm: Bigg Boss reveals who reacted the most during the task

To add spice, Bigg Boss is set to answer the most asked questions by the contestants during the task which is who caused the majority of strikes. Bigg Boss clears that because of Archana there was no single strike caused and as a reward to her Bigg Boss reads her letter. As Bigg Boss goes on to read the motivating words from her elder brother which makes her emotional.

10:26 pm: Stan has to make a decision

MC Stan gets a special advantage to either select Priyanka’s or Archana’s letter. He chooses to go with Priyanka’s letter. This round is won and the last basket is retrieved. But, this breaks down Archana in tears and she feels cornered by the contestants. Everyone gets an opportunity to listen and get their letter, except for Archana. Stan tries to make her understand that he only did it thinking of the ration.

10:22 pm: Time for Soundarya’s emotional letter

There are already three strikes and Soundarya runs behind the letterman to get the letter. He declines her requesting taking her letter back. The majority of the chicken is lost and Shalin goes on to request Sajid to save him some eggs.

10:08 pm: The game gets tougher

Bigg Boss reads a heartfelt letter from MC Stan‘s family. He tries his best to ignore it but, takes a deep breath which causes the third strike and they lose the basket again. After which he even goes and cries in the bathroom.

While Shiv Thakare narrates his story about his career and journey in the industry and that’s when Bigg Boss starts reading a letter from his mom. The ladies, Soundarya, Sreejita and Archana try to talk to him and keep him company while the letter was making his heart heavy. They win this round and get a good amount of ration.

10:00 pm: The ration task continues

Tina and Shalin are still going on about their fight meanwhile, the task begins and the guests who enter the house start throwing the personal belongings of the contestants. One of them even empties it on Priyanka and Ankit Gupta. The letterman comes again and brings in Ankit’s letter this time. But, the first round goes in three strikes and they lose basket number three. Sajid Khan blames Archana for being the reason for the strikes as she is sitting alone. On the other hand, Archana defends herself by saying that she won’t get up from her place. Soundarya sits with her for support.

9:55 pm: Shalin thinks Tina is talking rubbish

Tina questions Shalin about taking steroids and he gets offended. Asking her to go bring the box of his pre-workout and show him where the is ‘Steroids’ written on it. Shalin gets irritated and Tina is again upset over Shalin shouting at her.

9:50 pm: Sreejita badmouths Tina

It’s morning in the kitchen, and Shalin Bhanot gives Tina a hug from behind. Sreejita is stunned looking at this and goes on to tell Soundarya about an incident which happened in Goa while they were on the trip. She also clearly states that Tina is looking for a fully loaded man. Tina is also accused of only wanting attention from men and Sreejita also opens up about Tina having a complex about her height.

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