The Bigg Boss 16 house is full of surprises, and there is no physical surprise as of now. However, a series of fights have occurred in the house, with Archana Gautam taking centre stage. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary intervenes in the fight between her and Vikkas Manaktala, which becomes more heated when Shalin Bhanot joins in. It’s total chaos, and if you missed it, you can catch up on Bigg Boss 16 Day 88 Live Written Updates here. But, leaving that aside, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot raise the romance metre; not only them, but Sreejita De and Soundarya Sharma become close, and I’ll get to this juicy part later.

The two contestants who have been in the spotlight since yesterday are Vikkas and Archana. The fight which made hot water spill in the kitchen is not over yet and still goes on to continue. I was right in naming the kitchen as a ‘warzone’ as the biggest fights happen in there. This fight is no less than what happened yesterday it gets crazier as Archana instructs him not to shout like a dog. This gets very ugly as he brings up her political party’s votes, and Archana responds by making fun of him for being her dubbing artist. A tug of war goes on and during the heated exchange, Vikkas uses the word “baap,” and Archana loses her cool by criticising his manliness and saying that he could never have children. Whatever Archana said was wrong on so many levels but, huge respect and hats off to Vikkas for not taking the point and attacking her.

Priyanka is also drawn into the ongoing battle with her own mudda. The only thing these two ladies fight about is the kitchen and housework. Priyanka blames Archana for not making enough sabzi for the contestants and says she doesn’t feel like eating if Archana prepares the food. When it comes to hurling venom at each other, they both leave no stone unturned.

It’s finally disclosed why Shalin behaved so aggressively. Poor Shalin finds himself in this situation because all he wants is to eat his food quietly and asks Archana to keep quiet. This doesn’t go well for him because Archana continues by commenting on his ex-wife’s saying the phrase “teri biwi do kaudi ki,” which makes him agitated and causes him to start pushing chairs around the house. In my opinion, Archana overstepped the mark greatly in saying these things. He breaks down in tears feeling insulted and begs that be summoned to the confession room. He is being tried to relax by Sajid Khan. While Archana is cursing about someone’s manhood and making comments about someone’s wife, Priyanka tries to intervene to stop her, but this only makes things worse between the two women.

The only conversations left after the house has turned into a mess are about who did what among them. But as the focus shifts to hot moves and kisses, the temperature in the house soars. As Soundarya mends her relationship with her friend Sreejita, the two of them are having fun teasing Abdu Rozik and Shiv Thakare. When the girls have a lip-to-lip peck, the boys are left speechless and they assure the boys that it’s okay for girl-friends to kiss. The two have been good friends since Sreejita entered back.

Whereas Shalin and Tina on the other hand get extra close during the ‘get ready’ task, while Shalin is shirtless and Tina is dancing closely with him they both completely wreck the dance floor with their steamy moves. Let me tell you the fun part, right sometime before the dance these two were having coldness between them. They are just unpredictable.

The gossip that occurs is one of the other interesting aspects of the episode. Priyanka is referred to as a narcissist by Soundarya. Soundarya is recognised by Priyanka as Archana’s babysitter. At the same time – Archana and Vikkas, who were about to kill each other, returned to the kitchen, she apologised to Vikkas for how they had fought. He tells her that he is disappointed in her, but she tries to defend herself and keeps apologising, feeling regret for the whole thing. As soon as Soundarya kissed Sreejita and made up with her, she invited Archana to hug and leave their issues behind. Priyanka claims that the only reason Archana is apologising to everyone is that “Weekend Ka Vaar” is coming up.

This episode showed me that it’s a complete mad-house situation. The friendships in the house have always been questionable and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia feels that Abdu has been rude to her since he’s come back. I miss seeing their friendship and cute moments. I hope this gets resolved further. Signing off by describing this episode as heavy, crazy and steamy.

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