The New Year’s Special Episode was a blast to watch and even a happy time in the Bigg Boss 16 house. But, the bitter time comes in when tasks are played to give it back to each other. The wildcard entry, Vikkas Manaktala had a short stay in the house and gets evicted. Dharmendra Ji joins in to give a special touch to the New Year’s and it was worth a watch. Read Bigg Boss 16 Day 91 Live Written Updates here!

The episode starts with some slamming which was necessary otherwise it would have left “Weekend Ka Vaar” incomplete. At finally Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia‘s confrontation about Abdu Rozik was been shed some light on. Nimrit’s guilt over Abdu Rozik’s distance from her is a problem. Salman claims that it takes bravery to maintain a safe distance from her. He even provides insight into the repeated requests for him to keep his distance from Sajid Khan and Shiv Thakare. If he is really keeping his distance, Bhai asks her what the issue is right now. Salman declares that Nimrit’s moment in the spotlight has passed since Abdu grew distant from her and she is now essentially invisible. Salman also says that Nimrit’s mother called Abdu and spoke with him, though he doesn’t say what was said. Nimrit’s journey will get better from this point forward, Bhai says as he ends their conversation.

There are fights even though it’s New Year’s even, it goes on. Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary is irritated by Archana Gautam‘s taunts of her. Shiv Thakare, on the other hand, is silent when Nimrit tries to ask him about what Abdu mentioned. Before Vikkas and Tina Datta, Priyanka screams and sobs about Archana. In the meantime, Archana makes fun of the Sajid Khan situation. The latter then says that Priyanka is crying because she has become the hero of the day. Soundarya Sharma reveals that Sreejita said Nimrit didn’t deserve the spot on the show.

To meet the contestants, Dharmendra enters the house. He starts off the conversation with a shayari. Sajid reveals that Dharmendra was the first actor to perform shirtless in Phool Aur Patthar and that his finger weighs one kilograme. He, the actor with 63 years of experience in the business, is credited with starting the bodybuilding craze. Dharmendra has engaged in combat once with a tiger and twice with lions.
They are in the middle of a conversation when Salman walks in. He makes light of the fact that everyone, including himself, thinks they are Dharmendra. On the other hand, the girls identify as Dream Girls. The contestants impress Dharmendra Paaji by showcasing their talents and vocal prowess.

There were other fun elements on the show which Krushna Abhishek got in by playing Jackie Shroff. Kashmera Shah, Jannat Zubair, Karan Kundrra join in the special occasion of New Years with the contestants and tickling everyone’s funny bones. The contestants engage in activities where the tag each other as sold at the Bigg Boss 16 New Year Clearance Sale bringing out the hidden grudges against each other. But, not only this they feed ladoo to their friends in a way of saying thank you for sticking by in the game.

This was a entertainer packed episode, in the whole three hours there was not a dull moment. But, it’s New Years now and let’s hope that the contestants would try to be better in the game and as a person. What friendships would last and who will be the new enemies this year, only time will tell.

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