Along with the happiness spread in the Bigg Boss 16 house this family week, there’s a lovely surprise as a blast from the past takes over the house. The forever glamourous, Simi Garewal comes into bringing her positive aura and her all-time classic celebrity talk show Rendevous With Simi Garewal. To get an insight, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 103 Promo here. While the commands of ‘freeze’ and ‘release’ still echo in the house, Soundarya Sharma‘s mother, Sumbul Toqueer‘s uncle and Sreejita De‘s fiance will come to meet their loved ones.

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11:00 pm: Shiv jokes around with Abdu

Shiv flirts with Abdu and he hilariously asks Bigg Boss to send him girls. They run behind each other trying to spray on each other’s asses.

10:54 pm: The fight over ration

The chicken issue begins as Shalin’s chicken is considered to be in the common. He gets into an argument over this and calls Tina ‘fake’. Later, Priyanka explains to Shalin not to talk to Tina just like he thought he would. He expresses that her mother was trying to console him thinking that he is depressed and heartbroken because of Tina.

10:53 pm: The discussions after the huge talks

Archana and Nimrit get into an argument as she points out that instead of stating her own happiness to Simi, she just said ‘same’ instead of a proper answer.

10:43 pm: Simi makes the contestants talk

As this goes to Shalin giving an option between Tina and chicken, he said he would select anything except for Tina. As Nimrit is in a group full of men, Simi asks her whether males make better best friends Nimrit says that it’s because there is no threatening feeling. Abdu gets excited when Simi says ‘I love you’ to him in his native language. She goes on to question everyone about what is the one thing everyone wants for themselves at this point. With this Simi wishes everyone all the best and takes a leave.

10:37 pm: Rendezvous with Simi Garewal

Bigg Boss brings the biggest surprise and Simi Garewal is invited into the house with a very similar set-up to her celebrity talk show from the past. She admits that she started seeing the show because of Sajid and got involved in it.

She talks to MC Stan first and appreciates him for his struggle story to succeed. His journey from Qawali to Rap music is discussed. She goes on to ask Priyanka that in one plate there is stardom and in the other unconditional love what would she choose, Priyanka replies with love. Passing on the same question to Shiv with Stardom or his ideal dream girl to choose from, he admits that he would select stardom.

While she asks Tina what would be more difficult for her to handle personal or professional and she says professional because there’s no support from anyone and you’re on your own. Coming to Archana she asks her how was her journey from a model to a politician.

10:31 pm: Sajid tries to clear things up with Sumbul

Shiv says that outside it looks like Sajid and MC Stan are ragging her in the house and that’s what the outside audience is perceiving. When even Sumbul enters the conversation she clears that her uncle has only seen a few things like when Sajid said that they should save Sumbul because she cooks food. Sajid asks there that she should be talking to this about her angle and clarifying it.

10:27 pm: Archana talks to Sreejita’s fiance

Archana tells Sreejita’s fiance that her fantasy of meeting a foreigner has been completed. She even makes him repeat her famous dialogue in Hindi “marte marte more bana dunga”.

10:25 pm: Shiv thinks that Sajid is confusing

Shiv goes on to MC Stan and tells him that Sajid is confusing and narrates that he tried to convince him but, he didn’t listen to him. Later, MC Stan sits with Sajid and Sajid goes on to say that Shiv is keeping has been keeping his distance after the day Shekhar Suman called him Chamcha.

10:20 pm: Abdu reveals the outside perspective

Abdu reveals that outside the people are not liking the way Sajid is trying to control people because even he is a contestant. He tells Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia that the audience questioned a lot when she didn’t tell Sajid sternly about her and Abdu’s friendship. While Sumbul’s uncle is sitting there he tells them that outside the people notice a single thing.

10:15 pm: Sumbul’s uncle sits with the mandali

Sumbul’s uncle reveals that she has a hidden kid in her who is not ready to suppress. They all believe that her kiddish self won’t go. Sajid Khan apologizes to her for giving her and lecture and he walks off the conversation. Shiv and her uncle explain to Sumbul to not keep anything inside her heart if she feels that they don’t feel that they are doing anything right, she should say it to their face. Sajid is upset and he goes inside his blanket.

10:10 pm: Sreejita’s fiancee enters the house

Sreejita’s fiance Michael Blohm-Pape enters the house and the contestants have set a glass at the door so that he can kick and do the ghar pravesh. He showers tons of kisses with all his love on her. Even Sreejita seems to be elated looking at her love.

While Archana is still enacting yesterday’s scene of Tina’s mother who mistaken her daughter for Sreejita, Tina seems to not like it and expresses it to Priyanka Chahar Choudhary.

Meanwhile, Soundarya asks her mother whether Gautam Vig has said anything outside about her but her mother denies it. Soundarya fails to believe her mother and thinks she is hiding something.

10:05 pm: Sumbul’s uncle also enters the house

Sumbul’s bade papa Iqbal enter the house. While the mandali pranks Sumbul by hiding her face behind a dupatta. Even her uncle jokes around with her. He is a very jovial person and reveals that his wife calls him ‘Shemdi’ because of MC Stan. Abdu sweetly hugs and joins in singing the song “Papa kehte hai” with Sumbul’s uncle. He even meets Archana Gautam and tells her that now everyone wants to become the MP in Jabalpur. As everyone releases and Sumbul is frozen he sings for her in a hilarious way. He also says that he’s glad that Sumbul found an elder brother like Shiv.

10:00 pm: Soundarya’s mother enters the house

As everyone is frozen, Soundarya’s mother Usha enters the house. Soundarya finds it very difficult to hold on to the freeze position, and Bigg Boss finally releases her while she is drowned in tears.

9:53 pm: Bigg Boss jokes with Abdu

Bigg Boss starts his command of ‘freeze’ and ‘release’ he jokes around with Abdu Rozik who is in a towel and Shiv Thakare tries to play around with him.

After this, Bigg Boss commands Tina’s mother, Shalin’s mother and Abdu’s friend Sul to leave the house. They wish luck to everyone and give their blessings. Shalin’s mother even invites Tina to come home and have her halwa.

9:49 pm: Tina’s mother advises Shalin

Shalin Bhanot apologizes to Tina Datta‘s mother for not spending time with her. She says it’s okay and he should not say things which would make him feel guilty later. While Shalin’s mother is sitting there she tells him to not get too involved with his heart.

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