While the Bigg Boss 16 house was still recovering from Abdu Rozik leaving the house yesterday, today even Sajid Khan had to leave the house on an opportunity which can’t be missed. If you missed the episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 106 Live Written Updates here. Shekhar Suman brings in a different persona and takes the avatar of his twin brother reminiscing the time the family members spent in the house in his comedy and roasting element. The house seems to be rekindling with friendships trying to bloom again, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary tries to mend her friendship with Soundarya Sharma but the other contestants have different opinions in it.

Following “Weekend Ka Vaar,” which was particularly hard on the contestants because some of them took a lot of bashing and even Abdu left the house which made everyone feel a little off-balance. When Tina Datta questions Sajid about why he is up earlier than usual, he responds that Abdu is missed and that they used to share a bed. Later, after Tina disclosed that the family week made her feel closer to Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, the two of them sat down to discuss the situation. They talk things out and Tina claims that Nimrit and Sumbul Toqueer are always so close-knit that she never feels comfortable around to come between them. In the meantime, Archana Gautam is made to comprehend the errors that Dibang pointed out. She is told by Sajid that everything happened for her benefit and that she should accept this. Archana receives a hug from Tina, who encourages her to continue being the sweet person she is.

While the day starts off with not only some dealing with the missing factor, some trying to become friends and some trying to understand their mistakes but also, even friends standing up for each other and going against each other. Soundarya sits down with Nimrit to discuss how Archana sometimes says hurtful things to her and how their friendship is always about ‘her’. On the other hand, Archana goes to the Sakhis Priyanka and Shalin Bhanot and tells them that she felt bad when everyone went up against Soundarya saying that she was overshadowed by Archana. Shalin and Priyanka believe that Soundarya is tired of the show, but Archana defends her by saying that she is full of life. After so many friendships changing in the house, this is one of them that I don’t want to change at all.

The amusing part begins when Shekhar Suman takes the persona of his twin brother Razor Suman and recalls all the amusing incidents that took place in the house with the contestants and their family members. He makes fun of Archana as her brother took the spotlight away from her, displaying his incredible acting talent. He roasts Archana for being a perfect bahu candidate. Shalin’s fear when Tina’s mother entered the house is hilariously made fun of. A laughing break is always needed in between the drama.

The house is undergoing major changes, and former friends Priyanka and Soundarya sit down and sort things out. Priyanka is very clear in saying that Soundarya was never a true friend to her. Priyanka and the former contestant Ankit Gupta were Soundarya’s first friends, and she makes it clear that she was attached to both of them. What surprises me was when Soundarya discussed her and Priyanka’s conversation with Sajid. Sajid clearly tells her that Priyanka is not a follower she is a leader and right now Priyanka is looking for alliances. Later, Nimrit explains to Soundarya that Priyanka only spoke to her because everyone will soon be facing nominations. Even Archana apologises to MC Stan for their altercation, but Stan doesn’t seem eager to discuss it and the matter is dropped right then.

It looks like the Shalin-Tina has not yet stopped and what Soundarya reveals today was quite intriguing to me. Soundarya confronts Shalin for talking with Tina in signs. But, Shalin asks her to not bring it up. She still warns Shalin to not do it. Tina acknowledges that she misses laughing with Shalin as Priyanka tries to reassure her that it’s okay if she misses speaking to Shalin because a bond cannot be severed in this way. Will the sparks fly again or is this just going to be a cold war between them? Only time will tell.

Sajid Khan is attacked as the house begins to tremble. Ritesh Deshmukh calls Sajid outside the house and asks him to come and start shooting for his next film, it is shocking news that leaves the contestants speechless. Bigg Boss calls for everyone to assemble, and the area is covered in pictures of Sajid. According to Bigg Boss, Sajid is the first contestant to have earned the respect and love of every other contestant, and he has won the hearts of the contestants even praising his personality and originality.
Sajid received a chance to begin directing a movie after four years, and Bigg Boss asked him to leave the house and take the chance to resume. Sajid apologises to his mandali for anything he may have done wrong after becoming emotional. Honestly, this was super emotional.

The mandali receive advice from Sajid, who urges them to stick together. The contestants turn up to find the house deserted as Sajid departs. The mandali appears to be in obvious heartbreak. As the mandali is shattered in tears over their brother-like figure and the eldest in the house leaving them, Nimrit, Sumbul, Shiv, and MC Stan attempt to console one another. Two contestants from the mandali have left back to back. First Abdu and then Sajid.

What interests me further is to wait and watch will the mandali stick to Sajid’s advice and have each other’s back or if will they turn their backs on each other. On the other hand, considering that Sajid was the mastermind behind the mandali who is going to take over next still remains a mystery. Stay tuned for more updates and gossip.

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