After three contestants leave the house back to back, India’s most loved reality show Bigg Boss 16 is about to get serious. The first contestant who entered the house, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia gets chosen as the captain yet again but this time she must fight and make the contestants adhere to her rules to get her ticket to the finale! To get a gist, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 107 Promo here. The nomination specials are on the head and the contestant’s target will be worth a watch. Stay tuned here to know more!

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11:01 pm: Priyanka being the mediator

Archana and Nimrit talk behind Priyanka’s back that Priyanka is the one who is keeping Shalin and Tina away from each other being the mediator.

10:58 pm: Nimrit talks to Shalin

Nimrit questions Shalin that if he has so much of problems with Tina why doesn’t nominate Tina? Later, Nimrit warns Soundarya to be careful with Shalin as he sometimes tries to portray her in the wrong way. On the other hand, declares that he will be completely involved from now onwards.

10:55 pm: MC Stan requests a letter from Bigg Boss

MC Stan tells the camera requesting Bigg Boss to give him a definition of involvement because he wants to be involved in the show.

10:48 pm: Shalin asks Tina what’s her problem

Shalin sits with Tina and confronts her asking about her problem with him. She states that Soundarya joined his name with hers and nominated her because of him. Tina asks Shalin to do whatever he wants to do. Tina gets mad and starts shouting at him believing that he is threatening him when Shalin tells her to maintain her dignity. Shalin clarifies that there’s no confusion between them anymore and wants to come on common grounds with her. Tina walks out by telling Shalin to reveal whatever she has spoken to him.

10:43 pm: Discussions after the nomination

Priyanka cracks up in laughter looking at Shalin’s actions. Nimrit is astonished at how nicely Priyanka was trying to behave. Archana has taken it to her heart and is ready to not do her duties anymore. Priyanka and Soundarya get into an argument and Soundarya calls Priyanka a negative woman. On the other hand, Archana tells Shiv that she is not going to do any of the work as he had called her kaamchor.

10:22 pm: Nominations bring in a lot of fights

Nimrit goes up against Tina and then Shalin explaining that he always puts the blame on someone else. Priyanka goes on to nominate Sumbul and points out her involvement in the show. Tina goes next and it’s obvious that she nominates Soundarya stating that she cannot play without having Archana’s back. Soundarya and Priyanka get into a fight as they start targeting each other. Tina gives it back to Soundarya and mocks her, she calls Soundarya insecure and Tina makes fun of Soundarya for thinking this way. The next name Tina takes is Sumbul’s and clears that she has no grudges against her and she is talking in the sense of her involvement in the show.

MC Stan goes to nominate Soundarya and asks her to play individually and believes that whenever they debate it’s because of Archana. The next contestant to be nominated by him is Archana and it’s for obvious reasons. Archana goes next and she nominates Shiv stating the reason that he is biased towards the other contestants and the mandali. She also nominated MC Stan saying that he doesn’t voice his opinions. Shiv goes next and nominates Archana calling her a kaamchor. Next Shiv nominates is Soundarya stating that he doesn’t understand her personality.

Shalin nominates Soundarya and justifies that he doesn’t understand her reason for nominating him. He also nominates Soundarya for being overshadowed by Archana. The next contestant to be nominated by Shalin is Sumbul.

The nominations end here and the contestants nominated for the week are Tina, Shalin, Soundarya and Sumbul.

10:12 pm: The nomination specials begin

The activity area is filled with dal-dal and the two nominated contestants would have to be pushed down by the other contestant in dal-dal in front of a crocodile. Nimrit can’t be nominated because she is the captain. Sumbul Toqueer goes first and nominates Tina giving her justification that she has more involvement with Shalin than the show. Soundarya Sharma also nominates Tina stating revealing that she talks in sign language with Shalin to which Tina defends herself which turns into a verbal spat. She accuses Soundarya of roaming behind Shalin even after he spoke so many bad things behind her back. Soundarya laughs it out by calling Tina jealous. The next name, she takes is Shalin and is mad that because of Tina he got nominated. Priyanka voices that Shalin shouldn’t be blaming Tina for this and instead tell this Soundarya.

10:06 pm: The Tina and Shalin update

Meanwhile, Tina sits separately and tells Priyanka that she won’t be coming when she and Shalin are sitting together. But, she tells Tina that they can sit normally in a group and talk and not point or trigger each other. Priyanka gets irritated and tells Tina that it is her call after Tina tells her that anything she does she is always pointed out. Later, Priyanka narrates this to Shalin and he asks Priyanka to leave Tina alone and let her be.

Shalin goes to Tina and invites her to have lunch with her. She expresses that she is tired and exhausted with this. Shalin explains very nicely that the confusion is done and they both are clear. But, Priyanka gets mad at Shalin for going on talking to her because he was trying to normalize the equation between Priyanka and Tina. She politely requests Shalin and tells him that this shouldn’t be happening any further.

As Tina dances with Shiv, Priyanka discloses to her that Shalin has a problem with this as well.

10:00 pm: The strategies to dethrone Nimrit

Tina Datta, Shalin and Priyanka try to sit and strategize the plan to remove Nimrit from her captaincy. Tina doesn’t find Nimrit deserving and thinks she got it in on a golden platter. When Nimrit distributes the house duties, Shalin goes up against her, saying it’s too much. But, Shiv Thakare interferes and is ready to divide the duties and help Shalin out.

9:54 pm: The ticket to the finale week

Bigg Boss announces that the captaincy will have a ticket to the finale week. Nimrit is appointed the captain just like the first day and other contestants have to try and dethrone her from the captain’s chair to steal her ticket to the finale. He even warns Nimrit that she has to be very careful that the rules in the house have to follow and Bigg Boss will have an eye out. Bigg Boss also hopes that Nimrit will be not lost anymore and will stand to make Bigg Boss proud.

9:48 pm: Shalin and Priyanka’s early morning discussions

Shalin Bhanot tells Priyanka Chahar Choudhary that the house is feeling empty as Sajid Khan has left. But, he jokes about the house being empty when Archana Gautam leaves.

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