It’s that time of the week when the Bigg Boss 16 house turns into a battleground. Yes, I am talking about the ration task and by this time we all know that the contestants would go to any extent to get their ration. To get a gist, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 108 Promo here. The rations task always brings in fights, today it’s Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakare getting into an argument. The juicy part is that Bigg Boss is in the mood to gossip and he calls a few contestants to know their opinions about Priyanka Chahar Choudhary.

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10:52 pm: Soundarya up against Archana

As Archana goes to Priyanka to confide in her claiming that Soundarya is trying to be in Shiv’s good books. Meanwhile, Soundarya tells Nimrit that as a captain she should make sure that Archana shouldn’t be around her when she’s in the kitchen as she believes that Archana has been targeting her for two days.

10:47 pm: Soundarya tries to explain to Archana

Soundarya tries to make Archana understand that she should not be talking like that with Shiv. But, Archana says that she is UPwali and their language is just like this. Soundarya goes up against telling that she cares for her and she will tell Archana whenever she is wrong. Soundarya gets irritated and says that it’s none of her business whatever Archana does from now and asks her to leave the kitchen so that she can cook peacefully.

Later, Archana goes to the kitchen to help Soundarya but she denies it.

10:44 pm: Priyanka tells Shalin that he is not a good friend

Priyanka gets upset that Shalin doesn’t take her joke sportingly when she says that he picked up coffee for her. Shalin gets upset as Priyanka calls her duffer and walks off saying that she doesn’t want to be friends with him.

10:42 pm: The discussions after the task

Priyanka gets mad as Shalin hands over one milk packet to Nimrit. Even Tina and Priyanka go to Archana telling her that her best friend, Soundarya becomes a ‘bheegi billi’ in front of Shalin and doesn’t even open her mouth once. Ex-best friends, Priyanka and Archana sit and have a good laugh about getting bored in the house.

10:37 pm: The ration task is going on in full-power

Shalin gets the opportunity to go in the container again. Bigg Boss announces that the contestants have already spent INR 80,20,000 and with this Bigg Boss ends the task and adds the remaining money to their prize.

10:31 pm: Shiv gets into an argument with Soundarya

Soundarya enters the container and is shocked to see her vegan ration be around a lakh. Bigg Boss hilariously makes fun of Soundarya over saying Shudh Hindi words. Soundarya picks up milk for Archana and Bigg Boss opposes it saying that it’s an individual ration and she cannot pick for Archana. In this conversation, Archana brings Shiv into the topic saying that he got coffee and will barter it later. Shiv gets mad at Archana for accusing him of doing this and they get into an argument. Nimrit tries to make Archana understand that if Shiv was non-veg and then picked up chicken, Bigg Boss would have opposed it. But, the fight escalates as he calls Archana “Gandi Soch Ki Papi Gudiya Ungli Master” for pointing out Shiv. He goes on to tell Archana that she has no humanity after Archana brings up that mandali didn’t share the jalebi which they won. But, they actually did. Archana comments on Shiv’s appetite, which gets a little personal. Soundarya tries to explain her but, she doesn’t listen.

10:16 pm: The fight for ration starts

The first round starts and Shalin reaches the red line. He is baffled to see the prices on the ration. INR 50,000 is just for the flour. He happily picks up three packets of chicken which is for INR 25,000 of their prize money. On the other hand, Priyanka questions Shalin about picking up coffee which he doesn’t even drink. He replies by saying that he has kept it because there were only two so the demand is more.

Shiv gets the next chance to go inside the container and is confused so he discusses it with Nimrit and Bigg Boss intervenes saying that he has picked for himself. Even in the next round, Shiv gets to go in. He gets confused having no knowledge about the kitchen items.

10:11 pm: The ration task begins

The container for happiness is kept in the garden area. Along with the ration the contestants get a chance to take ration worth 10 Lakh Rupees. The first competitor to reach the red line with the shopping cart after the sound of each bell gets to enter the container first and shop for five personal ration items. Each item has a price tag, Bigg Boss declares. Less money will be added to housemates’ prize the more they shop for their own needs. Nimrit is appointed the Sanchalak and is given the power to take anything she wants from the contestants.

10:03 pm: Next Bigg Boss calls Shalin into the confession room

Bigg Boss calls Shalin Bhanot next for some gupshup in the confession room. Bigg Boss as usual pulls Shalin’s leg claiming that Shalin is very famous amongst girls in the house. He asks Shalin what after Ankit Gupta has left what does he think of Priyanka. Bigg Boss states his observation about Priyanka saying that Priyanka always finds someone whom she can shout in front of everyone, Shalin agrees and says that she likes to demean people and feel superior. Later, when Shalin tries to talk about Tina, Bigg Boss shuts Shalin down because he has noticed Shalin, Priyanka and Tina are still sitting together. Shalin admits that Priyanka is taking full advantage of being friends with him and Tina. Before leaving he asks Bigg Boss to consider sending more chicken in the house.

9:56 pm: Bigg Boss summons Shiv and MC Stan into the confession room

Shiv and MC Stan are called into the confession room and questioned on what was their take on the nominations yesterday. Shiv reveals his opinion that her main strength was fighting for Ankit Gupta and since he has left she has stopped mostly and also she believes that the trophy is already hers. MC Stan who doesn’t seem to get along with Priyanka believes that no one can change Priyanka’s nature.

9:49 pm: Archana feels bad about Soundarya’s behaviour, and discusses it with Nimrit.

While Shiv is having a friendly banter with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Archana and Soundarya discuss that Tina is very insecure about her height. Later, when Soundarya doesn’t make breakfast for Archana she goes and shares it with Nimrit, stating that Soundarya’s behaviours had changed towards her after everyone said that Soundarya was being overshadowed by Archana.

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