As every single day passes by in the Bigg Boss 16 house, the contestants get closer to the finale. The new drama keeps on brewing and friends have turned into enemies now. To get a gist of tonight’s episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 109 Promo here. It’s going to be interesting as Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia will have to fight to save her ticket to the finale week in a task. On the other hand, the ex-lovebirds who were once all lovey-dovey, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot leave no stone unturned while pouncing on each other’s character and dignity in a fight.

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10:49 pm: Archana feels lonely

Archana is in her blanket talking to the camera and expresses that she is feeling very lonely and unloved and questions her self worth crying.

10:43 pm: Tina wants to have a voluntary exit

Tina tells Bigg Boss that she wants to leave and doesn’t want to stay in the house at the cost of her self-respect. Soundarya is seen telling Shalin that Tina is the one who has disrespected all the females in the house. Next, Soundarya goes to Tina and Priyanka disclosing that Tina or Sreejita De badmouthed Soundarya. But, Tina clears that she was just a part of the conversation and didn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Tina and Shalin both think that staying with each other was the biggest disappointment.

10:34 pm: Shalin goes to talk to Tina

Shalin tries to talk to Tina but she doesn’t want to and they both are stuck on calling each other fake. Tina warns Shalin to not instigate her or she would open her mouth about the things he said about Soundarya. Priyanka is in between the fight trying to stop fight between them. But, Tina and Shalin both accuse each other of saying bad things about the other female contestants.

Shalin expresses his disappointment to Priyanka as Tina even called his son to be a bastard. Later, even Priyanka tries to explain to Tina to not reveal personal conversations.

10:26 pm: Shalin clears things out with Sumbul

Shalin goes to Sumbul and tries to clear it out that during the newspaper task, he wanted to put a headline that does Sumbul love him but that’s all that happened. Sumbul clearly states that she doesn’t care anymore about it anymore.

Later, Tina discusses with Priyanka that he just wants a chance to play the blame game. She also brings up that he keeps talking about keeping women’s dignity but, he has always said something or the other about all the female contestants. On the other hand, MC Stan and Nimrit believe that they both are fighting because they are nominated for the week.

10:13 pm: Fight between Shalin and Priyanka

As the majority of the contestants take Shiv’s name for the next captain, Priyanka takes back Shiv’s name. This starts a fight because Priyanka and Shiv are close contenders. But, Shiv is considered to be more capable as a captain.

Priyanka calls out Shalin’s hypocrisy because he votes for Nimrit even after discussing the other day that Nimrit isn’t deserving. Tina tags Shalin as a ‘Dogla insaan’. This turns into a verbal spat when Shalin says that Tina shifts to one guy after the other. Tina feels that this is a character who is assassinated and Tina gets personal when she says that Shalin didn’t even keep his own wife’s dignity. Tina is very angry that he points out her and Shiv’s friendship, Shalin discloses that Tina filled his mind with things about Sumbul when there was nothing between the two. She request Bigg Boss to take her out of the house this week.

9:57 pm: Bigg Boss asks the contestants to open up about ticket to the finale week

Bigg Boss tells the contestants to discuss among themselves and call out another name who is more deserving than Nimirt for the captaincy and the ticket to the finale week. Priyanka takes her own name claiming that even after 15 weeks she has got wake-up calls and doesn’t deserve the captaincy. This turns into a verbal spat after Nimrit gets offended. The second name she pitches is Shiv Thakare. Archana takes her name and next she pitches for Soundarya’s name. Shalin takes his and Nimrit’s names for the captain. Tina also puts her name first and goes on to take Shiv and Priyanka’s names. A verbal spat starts as Archana interludes in between because she took two names. Shiv takes MC Stan taking his raw personality into consideration and Priyanka’s name because she is strong. Nimrit takes Shiv’s name and Sumbul Toqueer puts herself first and then Nimrit. This starts a fight between Sumbul and Priyanka because Priyanka believes that they’re asked to take a name except for Nimrit. MC Stan takes his best friend Shiv’s name. Soundarya pitches for herself and surprisingly takes Archana’s name.

9:50 pm: Crack in Soundarya & Archana’s friendship

Nimrit tells Soundarya Sharma to solve things with Archana Gautam but, she denies it saying that it’s no point. Nimrit goes on to tell Soundarya that she was wondering how come she never pointed out at Archana but, Soundarya says she always did but always in the room. Later, Soundarya discloses that Archana told her to talk to Shalin so that Tina gets jealous. On the other hand, Tina discusses with Priyanka that Shalin only makes friends so that they could cook chicken and give him.

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