The reality of this show hits when the contestants get to decide who should get evicted this week. Not only this but even though Bigg Boss 16 has just a few more weeks left, the contestants have a lot to say and the crazy tasks allow the housemates a chance to point fingers at each other. To get a gist into this episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 113 Promo here. Ekta Kapoor and Dibankar Banerjee get to select the lead actress for their new movie. While Soundarya Sharma leaves the house, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia grabs the opportunity of getting casted for a movie. I must say things are going a bit too fast as the finale of Bigg Boss 16 comes near.

The episode begins with some important lessons that Bhai wishes to teach the contestants. Salman informs Shiv Thakare that this is not a dance show and that his moves will not be broadcasted on the show. Shiv, according to Bhai, believes he will make it to the top four and is therefore relaxed. However, after pointing him out, Salman makes an effort to motivate him by asking him to imagine himself as number one.

Salman Khan challenges the contestants to identify different types of ‘Paapi’. Archana Gautam goes first, and when asked who the ‘greedy paapi’ is, she says Nimrit. Sumbul Toqueer is asked who ‘dhong paapi’ is, and she gives Tina Datta the tag. Tina is referred to as a ‘Ghamandi Paapi’ by Nimrit. Shiv has labelled Shalin Bhanot as ‘Dhoka Paapi’. Soundarya is referred to as a ‘Bhedchal Paapi’ by MC Stan. Tina gives Shalin the ‘Krodh Paapi’ tag after mentioning his anger issues. Salman brings up the conversation he had with Bigg Boss in the confession room and claims to be ‘Just Off’. He also offers a helping hand and states that Bhai will listen to and listen to him but, nothing will be off camera.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary gives the ‘Jealousy Irsha Paapi’ to Nimrit believing that she always targets her. Soundarya tags herself as a ‘Bewakoof Paapi’ because she is being used but, Salman uplifts her that the more she is getting used the more she will be seen, she goes on to tag Shalin and Tina as ‘Aalsi paapi’. Shalin gives the last ‘Bewakoof Tag’ as Priyanka and Salman joke around about Shalin’s cleavage. Salman also offers assistance and states that he will listen to him but nothing will be off camera. Priyanka gives Nimrit the ‘Jealousy Irsha Paapi’ because she believes she is always after her. Soundarya labels herself as a ‘Bewakoof Paapi’ because she is being used, but Salman encourages her that the more she is used, the more she will be seen; she then labels Shalin and Tina as ‘Aalsi Paapi’. Shalin gives the final ‘Bewakoof Tag’ to Priyanka.

This show becomes more intense as the nominations for this week begin. Sumbul, Soundarya, Shalin, and Tina are the ones who are nominated for this week. Sumbul received the most votes from the audience and is therefore saved for the week. With a twist, Salman asks the contestants to vote on one contestant from Tina, Shalin, and Soundarya who they want to evict from the house, but it should strictly be the one who has not left a solid mark in the house. There is a three-way tie while the contestants name all three of the nominated contestants. As a result, the contestants must make a decision after hemming and hawing amongst themselves. Archana proposes that Soundarya be saved, instead suggesting they evict Shalin.

Priyanka wants to vote for Soundarya and Shiv also believes that Tina and Shalin have tried to be involved in everything. On the other hand, Priyanka tries to explain to her very nicely that Soundarya is not involved. MC Stan also takes Shalin’s name and Shiv tries to justify that Shalin is very much involved in everything. While Shiv is stating his point Nimrit tells him to calm down and Shiv gets angry at Nimrit saying that why is she trying to fight with him, He calls her fake and asks her not to play her game here. Shiv tries to explain that was just talking normally. Nimrit states that no matter what she will not vote for Soundarya.

After the decision is made Archana already hugs Soundarya and begins to cry. Soundarya is voted out by the contestants as a collective decision. I was broken looking at Archana so sad, but Soundar hugs her back tighling asking her that she will only talk to her if she wins the trophy and returns. Even Nimrit sobs and apologises to Soundarya for not being able to save her. Archana warns Soundarya to not go back to Gautam Vig. On one hand, where Archana would be a alone as her friend Soundarya leaves, looks like Priyanka and Archana’s friendship has been repaired.

Leaving aside the heaviness, an opportunity for deserving 8 contestants of the show ‘The Queen Of Television’, Ekta Kapoor and Dibankar Banerjee, the director for their upcoming film ‘LSD 2‘, enter the Bigg Boss 16 house to find their new lead actress. A fun task is also performed in which the contestants are asked to roll names instead of dice in a snake and ladder game. I was amazed to see all the contestants act so well because there was an audition, and one act in particular that impressed Ekta and Dibankar was Nimrit ‘s performance as a ‘Naagin’ with Shiv accompanying her as ‘Nevla,’.

Nimrit was chosen as the next lead actress. Honestly, I am happy for her and I was even more happy to see everyone congratulating and being excited for her. I even liked that Priyanka also gave her best wishes even after their differences. While this weekend comes to an end, only eight deserving contestants are remaining in the house and the reality show is about to get more tight with the changing dynamics inside the house. Stay tuned for more updates and gossip!