The Bigg Boss 16 house continues to be a melting pot of drama, arguments, and excitement. Despite the occasional argument, the housemates are managing to have fun, showing their playful sides, Whether it’s Archana Gautam ‘s Shayar side, Shiv Thakare‘s mischief, or Shalin Bhanot‘s comedic moments, the housemates are keeping the audience entertained. To get a gist read Bigg Boss 16 Day 120 Promo here. The house turned into a warzone as the battle of girls vs boys begin and that raises the drama quotient of the whole episode.

The Bigg Boss 16 house was abuzz with drama and tension as the nomination process sparked a heated argument between Archana and MC Stan. But, things quickly escalated as Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shiv also got involved, making it full-blown boys vs girls battle. Shiv and Priyanka went head-to-head as he accused her of being fake and Priyanka hit back, accusing him of misrepresenting others. Meanwhile, MC Stan and Archana were locked in a heated argument, with Stan accusing Archana of playing the “woman card.” Priyanka was pulled into the fight and was not pleased with Stan dragging her into it. However, things took a turn when Bigg Boss intervened and summoned Priyanka and Shiv to the confession room. Bigg Boss warned the contestants to steer clear of topics such as religion, cast, and profession, which could potentially cause further conflicts in the house. The housemates will have to tread carefully from now on and ensure that their actions do not stir up any unnecessary drama.

The sun rises on a new day in the Bigg Boss house, and a refreshed Shalin Bhanot is all smiles. The exit of Tina Datta has lifted a weight from his shoulders, and he can’t help but celebrate with a joyful dance to MC Stan’s hit tune “ta ta ran, ta ta ran.” Meanwhile, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia marvels at the love Sumbul Toqueer is receiving from the audience, despite the rough treatment she received from Tina. The highlight was cetainly Archana’s flirtatious side is shining through, winning over everyone with her charming Shayari. Even Bigg Boss can’t resist her magnetic charisma!

Two reigning queens of the Bigg Boss house, Priyanka and Archana, hatch a playful plan to become honey bees who aren’t afraid to sting. Archana shares her frustrations with Shalin and his refusal to listen to her Shayari, but adds a humorous twist, promising to cook him chicken if he ever gives in. Meanwhile, Nimrit vents herself from becoming a part of any more of Shiv’s mischief, calling out his improper tone during their conversations. Archana teases Shiv for not consulting with a lawyer before entering the house and not being fully prepared for the game. But the real drama comes when Shalin gets defensive about the constant criticism from the girls, particularly Archana. He accuses them of attacking him and not giving him a chance to speak his mind.

The Bigg House is buzzed with excitement as the most anticipated moment of the week arrives: “Bigg Bulletin with Shekhar Suman.” Shekhar brings a fresh perspective to the week’s events, roasting the housemates with their innermost thoughts and antics. Later, Shalin gets into the spirit, suspecting that the food in the captain’s room might be haunted, and enlists the help of Shiv and MC Stan to summon some spirits. Things took a spooky turn as Shiv was genuinely frightened by the experience but it was hilarious to watch!

Early the next morning, Archana gets irritated when Nimrit doesn’t show up for the morning anthem. To get back at her, Archana moves slowly and deliberately, making sure to take her time. This leads to a heated argument between Archana and Nimrit, with Shiv adding fuel to the fire. Bigg Boss had to step in, playing the alarm to rouse Archana from her slumber. Nimrit grows tired of Shiv’s constant teasing and debates, leading to a heated exchange between the two. Meanwhile, MC Stan gets lucky and shares a spicy chutney with Nimrit, while Shalin tries in vain to get a bite. Sumbul gets caught in the crossfire as Nimrit and Shiv air their grievances about each other to her. Just when things seem to have settled, Archana dozes off again and Nimrit is once again tasked with waking her up. Archana makes it clear that she won’t be stirred until the alarm goes off.

As a viewer of the Bigg Boss 16 house, I am constantly in awe of the ever-changing dynamics between the housemates. The once bitter relationship between Archana and Priyanka has now taken a turn for the better, and I can hardly contain my excitement to see how long this newfound friendship will last. Meanwhile, the tension between Shiv and Nimrit has me on the edge of my seat. Will their disagreement cost them their friendship? So many questions remain unanswered, but I am eagerly waiting for the next episode to unfold. The drama never ceases in the Bigg Boss house, and I am here for every moment of it. Stay tuned for more updates and juicy gossip as we navigate this wild ride together.