The latest task in Bigg Boss 16 has created a wave of tension and conflict among the contestants, with old wounds being reopened and new disagreements arising. The competition for a spot in the finale week has only intensified, with contestants pulling out all the stops to secure their place. While some have emerged victorious, others have been left with a bitter taste in their mouth. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Archana Gautam get into a crazy fight with their shouts echoing throughout. To get a gist, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 121 Promo here.

The dawn breaks with a cacophony of voices, as Archana recites a Shayari that irks Shiv Thakare to no end. A day that begins with a verbal spat sets the tone for the rest of the house, with tempers flaring over the smallest of issues. The latest is Archana’s consumption of roti made from Nimrit’s ration, which ignites a firestorm between the two women. Nimrit confronts Archana, only to be met with insults and condescension, with Archana referring to her friends as “launde”. Nimrit, boiling with anger, lashes out at Archana, calling her ridiculous and threatening her by saying “I will smack you”. The verbal exchange escalates, with both women hurling expletives at each other, each one convinced that they are in the right. While Shiv tries to calm the situation, advising Nimrit to control her temper, Archana stands her ground, claiming that she was alone in her fight with Nimrit, until her friends joined in. The morning ends with both women exhausted, yet unyielding in their positions, the air thick with tension.

Shalin spreads joy and merriment, regaling Shiv and MC Stan with tales and singing cheerful songs, while Maahim plays along. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Archana toils over a pot of simmering goodness, whipping up a feast for everyone. But, Nimrit has other plans, as she approaches Archana with a request to make less food. Archana, however, stands firm in her beliefs, having been taught to feed everyone who sits at her table. This simple request sets off a heated argument between the two women, with Nimrit unable to bear Archana’s stubbornness any longer and storming off. The conflict takes a toll on Nimrit, who seeks solace in the washroom, breaking down in tears. As the situation intensifies, Shiv and MC Stan come up with a plan, deciding to boycott Archana’s cooking, in a show of solidarity for their friend. The house is divided, with tensions running high, as everyone tries to navigate the choppy waters of this latest disagreement.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is called into the confessional, where Bigg Boss puts her to the test. “Who do you think you could control in the house?” Bigg Boss asks. Priyanka, unhesitant, names Shiv. The tables turn as Shiv is summoned next and asked the same question, and he takes Priyanka’s name. Shalin Bhanot saunters in with his furry companion Maahim, and when questioned on who holds sway over his thoughts, he cites Tina Datta, a former contestant, and declares that he’d like to have control over Shiv.

Bigg Boss then gathers the contestants, instructing them to gather their plates and convene in the living room. A sample survey has been conducted, and it’s time to put Nimrit’s ticket to the finale week on the line. This is the final opportunity for the contestants to secure their spot in the finale week, by snatching Nimrit’s ticket. As luck would have it, Bigg Boss assigns names to everyone, Priyanka is paired with Sumbul Toqueer, Shiv with Archana, and vice versa. Shalin is paired with MC Stan, Sumbul with Shalin, Nimrit with Priyanka, and MC Stan with Nimrit. Archana and Priyanka huddle together, strategizing for the task ahead, while Shalin approaches Sumbul, requesting a chance to become the captain, as he’s yet to have such luck in the show. But before the task begins, Bigg Boss reprimands Archana for questioning him, as she accuses Bigg Boss of trying to favour Nimrit in the task.

In a cutthroat competition, Nimrit strikes first and aims to eliminate Priyanka. However, Priyanka retaliates by claiming she didn’t know Shalin’s distress was real and thought it was an act. This ignites a heated argument between the two, each standing their ground. Shalin tries to confront Priyanka, but she loses her temper and tells him to back off. Sumbul unleashes her fury on Shalin, despite his efforts to convince her to give him a chance at becoming captain in the final week. She brings up past conflicts, reigniting old wounds. Shalin apologizes for his past mistakes, but Sumbul appears uninterested. In a bizarre twist, Shalin targets MC Stan, proclaiming his fan base will secure him a spot in the finale. Instead of hitting MC Stan, Archana becomes the unintended recipient of the brown ash. Shiv sets his sights on Archana. As the next round begins, Archana, Priyanka, and MC Stan are left, but Archana jokingly declines, feigning a desire to extend a hand of friendship. Eventually, Priyanka convinces Archana to remove Shiv from the finale race. MC Stan and Priyanka become locked in a battle, with MC Stan refusing to eliminate Nimrit. The task is cancelled, granting Nimrit the victory and securing her coveted spot in the finale week.

Shalin struggles with disappointment as he reflects on his time in the house, where he never got to wear the captain’s crown. But Shiv Thakare offers words of wisdom, reminding Shalin that he’s had plenty of memorable moments, like the wild ride with chicken and Tina. Archana then enters the scene, bearing gifts of sweets to celebrate her victory in securing a spot in the finale week. Shi with his sarcastic comebacks quips that the nominations are now officially nearby and this has caused Archana’s behaviour to change.

The nomination specials are on the head and it’s only about to up the game a notch as the finale is only one week away. Stay tuned for more updates and gossip.