After a very crazy and nasty task in the Bigg Boss 16 house, the mandali and non-mandali put in for the winning prize of 50 lakhs rupees, but none of the teams got the pleasure of enjoying it. But, I am sure that all the contestants forgot that the “Weekend Ka Vaar” is on their heads and all the nasty stuff done in the torture task which went below the belt will be addressed. If you missed the episode, catch up on Bigg Boss 16 Day 124 Highlights here. Karan Johar will come on stage to put the contestants in place and one person who is about to get good slamming is Archana Gautam as she left no stone unturned to make the madali suffer during the task.

Yesterday’s torture task went to the next level as Archana went all out by throwing turmeric powder and detergent on Shiv Thakare, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and MC Stan. This went up to the level where Shiv’s eye is left swollen. But, Karan Johar makes sure that she learns a lesson and points out in today’s “Shukravaar Ka Vaar”. Karan states that Archana went crazy in the task of getting out her personal grudges with the mandali. Archana tries to defend herself by saying that she apologized but Karan claims it was disgusting. The “Shukravaar Ka Vaar” is about to get intense as this discussion continues and it has kept me on an edge.

It’s not all intense in the house because Karan makes sure to bring in a task where he asks the contestants to pretend as if Bigg Boss 16 continued for 40 more years and how they would address their famous muddas and issues down the line. This is going to be a fun affair as Archana plays herself as a granny and tries to school Shalin Bhanot and MC Stan who play along with being old.

The drama is about to unfold with slamming and some fun get ready for the “Shukravaar Ka Vaar” it’s right around the corner. Don’t forget to get some popcorn! Stay tuned for more updates and gossip.