After a journey of more than four months in the Bigg Boss 16 house, curtains have been dropped and Salman Khan has finally declared the most-awaited winner of the season and its none other than Bigg Boss 16’s “Basti Ka Hasti” MC Stan. The first runner-up is Marathi Bigg Boss winner Shiv Thakare followed by the second runner up who is the highly opinionated Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and honestly, it actually left me shocked when she got out of the race. From the top five finalists, Shalin Bhanot goes out of the finale race first due to the lack of votes, followed by Archana Gautam who was nothing but entertaining this season.

Coming to the winner’s journey, MC Stan has had an amazing one with lots of ups and downs. From entering and getting nominated time and again over not being involved to finding a family and safe space in his very own “Mandali”, MC Stan has always maintained a very strong presence. Whether it be giving savage comebacks or saying “Shembdi” in his “P-Town” language it has made him win hearts. From feeling lonely and wanting to quit the show to bagging the Bigg Boss 16 Winner Trophy, MC Stan has yet again gained success being the self-made man that he is. From a huge fight with Shiv Thakare to being best friends with him their friendship has only bloomed with time. The mandali has attained the ultimate power in this game, it’s always been a rare sight to see a friendship like the mandali’s in the Bigg Boss 16 house. From his love-hate friendship with Priyanka to pulling Abdu Rozik‘s leg, he has been raw and real throughout the season. This has no doubt made him take the trophy with all pride and is nothing less than deserving. The way he has opened up himself during the last few weeks was just astonishing. Just like MC Stan proudly displays his jewellery and shoes now he can proudly showcase the trophy.

Now with the Bigg Boss 16 done, I am wondering what’s next for our winner and one thing I know for a fact is that he is going to shoot out his rap songs like a bullet from a gun. Apart from all this, I am more excited to get the news of his and Bubba’s marriage next!

A hearty congratulations to MC Stan and I can’t wait to hear his upcoming songs!