We’ve all watched the daily soaps growing up, be it because of genuine interest, lack of options or just to mock them. But at some point, all of us have witnessed all the plot twists, the sudden exits, the reincarnation and the many many shocking revelations. Well, this elimination episode of Bigg Boss 12 was no different. After the Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Saturday where, Salman Khan, after giving the housemates a reality check, announced that Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik were the first contestants to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

Sunday’s episode began with the eliminated jodi joining Salman on the Bigg Boss 12 stage. Among other things, the two women revealed what they thought about Karanvir Bohra and they had nothing good to say. Kriti said, “He portrayed me as a villain inside the house and blamed me for discussing nominations. But nothing of that sort happened and viewers have already seen in Saturday’s episode how he manipulated things. He is very chalak (cunning) and is pretending to be something which he is not in reality. While Roshmi added, “Karanvir Bohra is the most selfish person I have comes across. He is really mean. He does things for his own benefit.”

Last night’s episode began with Salman working out with his brother-in-law and soon to debut in Bollywood actor, Aayush Sharma. Salman is also seen making fun of the house contestants. Salman talks to the housemates and after Deepak Thakur entertains everyone with his singing, Salman makes everyone play a guessing game with a twist.

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The viewers then see Karan Patel entering the Bigg Boss house. The ex-Bigg Boss contestant asks the contestants to give one of their qualities to another housemate. Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu go first where Anup says he would give Deepak his honesty but the singer refuses to accept that and says he is quite frank in his approach. Deepak, on the other hand, gives away the quality to be daring to Anup as he is seen to not speak up when needed. During the game, Sreesanth and Romil Chaudhary are seen getting into an argument as Romil accuses Sree of abusing him during a task but the latter denies any such thing ever happened. Sreesanth is seen getting upset once again as Nehha Pendse gives away mental strength to him. He refuses to accept it and walks away from the task. Guest celebrity, Karan tries to intervene and asks him to be sporting but he walks away anyway.Sreesanth is later seen sitting in the bathroom and telling Karanvir that Nehha is unreal and there is nothing wrong with shedding tears. He goes on to say, it takes a man to cry. Sree also praises Deepak and calls him the most honest person in the house. Karanir walks away while Karan Patel asks him to be diplomatic. After the task is over, Nehha is seen telling Srishty that she does not regret her decision. She also discusses with Dipika Kakar and Karanvir how everyone has been pacifying Sreesanth since Day 1 and that they need to stop. Meanwhile, Deepak is seen dissing Dipika in from of Jasleen and other housemates as he tells them that she is dual-faced for talking ill about Sreesanth and can’t be trusted.

On the Bigg Boss stage, Aayush and w join Salman to promote their film, Love Yatri. The trio played a game where Salman was asked a few questions and with each correct answer, he was given an adorable puppy. By the end of the bit, Salman had his lap full of squishy puppies and we couldn’t stop going ‘aww‘! While we were still getting over the puppies, Salman announced this week’s Sultani Akhada where Dipika and Jasleen are pitted against each other. After an initial equal score, Dipika manages to snatch a point and win it. Salman gives Dipika a medal for her performance.

Salman is known to spring surprises and shocks on the housemates as he announced that there will be another elimination with one more jodi being evicted from the house this week. Without much ado, Salman announces Romil and Nirmal Singh as the second eliminated jodi. However, once on stage Salman reveals the twist and says that one of them could still go back into the house. In the end, Nirmal is seen returning to the Bigg Boss house.The tension seems to be getting heavier and you can already see cracks in the Singles team. Sreesanth and Srishty discuss about Dipika and Nehha talking about Sree behind his back. Deepak chimes in and tells Sreesanth that both the TV actresses were, in fact, saying terrible things about him and asks him not to trust them. Is Deepak being loyal to Sreesanth or is this his ploy to create problems between the celebrities? We’ll find out soon enough, on Bigg Boss , you always do!Dipika and Nehha become the hot topic of discussion as Srishty and Karanvir are also seen talking about their habit of being stand-offish at times and talking behind everyone’s backs. Did just order for a giant portion of fights and drama, because it seems to be coming right up!Keep watching Bigg Boss 12 on Colors at 9 pm for your daily dose of entertainment.Stay tuned with us for all the gossip and updates from the show!

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