Today’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 is honestly going to be refreshing. After all the drama which took place since Diwali, followed by the nominations, and then yesterday’s captaincy and ration fight, Bigg Boss decides to relieve the house stress with an absolutely enjoyable task. If you forgot to catch up, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 26 Promo. The Bigg Boss 16 house will turn into a hostel with some ‘masala’. But, as Bigg Boss 16 is incomplete without some spicy clashes, one will happen today between Priyanka Choudhary and Archana Gautam as they will get into a fight over some kitchen issues. But Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is still the high point of the house, apart from all this be ready to watch Abdu Rozik steal the show tonight!

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10:46 pm: Shalin admits that he doesn’t LOVE Tina

When the lights go off, Shalin Bhanot admits to Archana that Tina Datta is a good friend and that ‘love’ is a far-off topic for him.

10:42 pm: Gautam and Nimrit sit to sort out issues

Nimrit and Gautam Vig apologize together at the count of three and patch up their friendship.

10:39 pm: Tina disappointed in Shalin

During the compliment task, Shalin didn’t compliment Tina. She feels it’s so little to even ask for and burst out in tears.

10:36 pm: Fake or true compliments?

Abdu calls Nimrit beautiful, Shiv Thakare mentions that she’s a strong contestant, and Shalin exaggerates by saying ‘she flies like a kite’.

Shiv tells Tina that she is sweet while MC Stan mentions that she has ‘ravas’ dressing sense. Gautam describes her as a small cute Barbie.

10:25 pm: Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam to allot beds

The Romance Hostel task comes to an end and Bigg Boss announces no one as the winner. So, all the ration is given to them. The guard, Sajid Khan and the warden, Archana get the power to allot beds.

10:27 pm: Shalin flirts with Tina

Shalin is trying his hundred percent to win his lady love even after the task. But, Tina tells him not to do stupidity.

10:20 pm: Eye candy for the girls – Boys Body Building Competition

Bigg Boss asks for a bodybuilding competition and Sajid Khan is allowed to pick the best student to felicitate with a ration. All, the boys keep flexin’ but Abdu nails it with his pushup game. Shalin wins the task.

10:18 pm: MC stan bribe game strong

MC stan is in full game mode today and bribes the house guard Sajid Khan to talk to Sumbul Touqeer.

10:11 pm: Phone call to their lady love

Abdu cutely flirts with Nimrit. Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Choudhary have an entertaining conversation. Simultaneously Archana Gautam is in the full character of a warden and Sajid Khan is one of the best security guards.

10:07 pm: Dance practice at the Girl’s Hostel

Archana is supposed to reward the best dancer in the house with some ration. Here we see some amazing chemistry between Ankit and Priyanka as well as Shalin and Tina.

Tina wins the ration.

10:05 pm: The hostel romance begins

The house turns so chaotic at the start of the task when Bigg Boss interrupts and tells the contestants not to turn it into a crazy house.

10:02 pm: Shalin wants to propose Tina

As the task is about to begin, Shalin seems to be taking this as an opportunity to propose to Tina and she clearly says ‘not to fake it’.

9:56 pm: The fight between good friends Archana Gautam and Priyanka Choudhary begins

Archana gets mad at Priyanka as she uses the same jug kept in the kitchen. Priyanka is also seen losing her temper on not getting the gas.

9:52 pm: Abdu starts the day with a fun mood

He keeps asking everyone for money and barter in exchange for one phone call with their family sitting outside the phone call booth. He locks Nimrit in the phone booth and dances with her later on.

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