Bigg Boss 16 reminded me today that it’s not all about fights but also some fun. The ‘Hostel Romace’ task was just so much fun to watch. Everyone is already shipping Priyanka Choudhary and Ankit Gupta together because their chemistry is undeniably seen in this episode. In case, you don’t know what I am talking about, read Bigg Boss Day 27 Live Written Updates. There was certainly positivity in the house today with Abdu Rozik taking up on his shoulders to make everyone smile but then again some unexpected clashes take place between Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot.

The episode starts on a very energetic note with Abdu having some fun. He fools around with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and locks her in the phone booth kept in the task zone. His sweet voice echoes in the house as he grooves with Nimrit and Priyanka.

But, as soon as all the fun and laughter is done, the good friends Archana Gautam and Priyanka get into a clash over a jug kept in the kitchen, and both end up losing their temper with each other. But, thank goodness it doesn’t last long as Bigg Boss starts the most fun activity to date in the house.

The ‘Hostel Romance Task’ made me go ‘awww’ at some points. Firstly, the house was divided into a girl’s hostel for which Archana is appointed the warden, and a boy’s hostel in which Sajid Khan was given the responsibility of a security guard. Any two connections that manage to talk more win the task. If no one wins then the ration goes to the guard and warden. As soon as the task begins the whole house turns into a bundle of chaos. After which Bigg Boss tells them to calm down and enjoy the activities. A phone call booth where they get a few seconds to interact with each other. Abdu within no time convinces Sajid to allow him to call Nimrit and flirts cutely with her. Shalin on a serious note thinks that it’s an excellent time to make a real relationship proposal to Tina. The comedy element credits solely go to Sajid Khan for his instant hilarious lines.

This is a task in a task, dance practices begin at the girl’s hostel where the best dancer will be given a ration. While this activity is happening, I got to see some real eye-to-eye contact between Ankit and Priyanka. Tina ends up winning the ration. Secondly, there is a body-building competition in the boy’s hostel in which Shalin Bhanot wins but, Abdu steals the show with his pushups. Bigg Boss announces that there is no winner in the house so, Sajid and Archana get the remaining ration and also the power to re-allot the beds. Archana plays the game by putting Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Vig together and Tina on a single bed next to them. I am eager to see what will be happening in the room.

Today’s day was double josh with 2 activities. While one ended with fun the other ended quite ugly. The activity that the ladies fetch for compliments and whoever gets the most ‘Wins’. Shiv Thakare, MC Stan, and Gautam flatter Tina with appreciation. Guess who did not? Shalin. Tina seems to break down in tears as she taught she didn’t need to fetch Shalin for a compliment. He argues by saying that she could have just come and asked him. Now, this is so juicy. Further in the episode, Tina is disinterested in talking to him.

The equations in this house change as fast as a bullet. Gautam and Nimrit sit to clear their issues and apologize to each other, with a happy ending to the patch-up. What I am more shocked to see and hear is that towards the end of the episode when lights go off, Shalin mentions to Nimrit that he doesn’t love Tina and it’s just friendship whereas Archana mentions that she feels that he had something for Soundarya.

I am simply in love with today’s episode. It was a rollercoaster of happy and sad emotions. Honestly, can’t wait to see what part Salman Khan brings in from this episode in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’.

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