Bigg Boss 16 has made the contestants realize how important the ration is in the house. After whatever happened with Gautam Vig‘s decision I hope that he understands that he has to be more considerate about his choices. But, in the Bigg Boss 16 run everyone looks out for themselves first and that’s exactly what he did. If you missed out on today’s episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 30 Live Written Updates here. Shalin Bhanot goes on to remind Bigg Boss about his chicken protein and the sarcastic replies by Bigg Boss are just hilarious to watch. Meanwhile, Sajid Khan really played the game well and stood up against Gautam Vig for the ration issue in his way. Watch Bigg Boss 16 day 31 promo here.

The whole episode only revolves around different contestants fighting and arguing over ration and Gautam is cornered by many of the housemates. Sajid Khan is also very stern in his statements that he wouldn’t eat until Gautam is removed from his beloved captain’s seat.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss is sending in a daily limited ration which Gautam distributes according to his wishes and ends up giving Shalin Bhanot all the eggs which the housemates don’t agree to. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia feels that Gautam should have taken reconsideration of everyone’s opinion and then distribute the ration. The same reason led to a fight between Priyanka Choudhary and Shalin as he flipped his switch and didn’t stick to his words of not accepting food from Gautam. I feel Shalin just rants too much about his proteins even Bigg Boss got irritated with that too. Maybe his health is a serious issue, but even Bigg Boss summons Shalin to the confession room and asks him to ‘cut the crap’ and be ‘genuine’.

Even Nimrit and Soundarya Sharma get into a heated argument but, later when Soundarya serves her the food and brings the plate all the way to the garden area Nimrit’s reaction is priceless. As there are groups in the house, one of the groups which was a part of the hunger strike including Sajid was Nimrit, Shiv Thakare, MC Stan, and Abdu Rozik refused to eat. A secret task is given to them in which they have to pretend to still be upset about the food issue but they turn out to be the lucky ones in the house as Bigg Boss treats them with a pizza which they savour in the confession room secretly. I feel it was a reward for them because they played the game so well.

One thing I took away from this show is that maybe Soundarya really likes Gautam because it shows. She stood by him when everyone in the house was against him. She did all the kitchen duties and also, said she wouldn’t eat if he didn’t. This was the sweetest bit. I want to see Gautam give her the same efforts and support further in the game when Soundarya needs it.

As this episode ends with Abdu Rozik singing a song in his melodious voice, I just hope that Gautam makes his amends with the housemates. The game of Bigg Boss 16 has just gotten more interesting.

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