Bigg Boss 16 has turned into a series of unexpected events where contestants’ relationships have changed in the blink of an eye. The house has been hotter than an oven with so many differences among everyone, especially Shalin Bhanot looks like someone who is up on a fighting spree and ends up in a fit with Tina Datta too. But, Abdu Rozik never fails to get back the Bigg Boss 16 house to cool mode again with his cute flattering skills. You can clearly get a glimpse of it on the Bigg Boss 16 Day 31 promo here. Archana Gautam and Priyanka Choudhary are still stuck on the fight which happened in the kitchen. Are friends turning into enemies?

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10:57 pm: MC Stan flips his back on friendship

MC Stan seems to be a little disappointed in Shiv Thakare and he expresses it to Gautam Vig.

10:54 pm: Shiv and Abdu’s Masti

Shiv teases Abdu over marrying Gautam which leads to a hilarious bed fight between them.

10:47 pm: Nimrit and Shalin mock Gautam

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia thinks that Gautam is influenced by Soundarya Sharma and she jokingly mocks him and Soundarya’s relationship. Shalin plays along.

10:40 pm: Shalin thinks Tina is bitching about him

Shalin confronts Tina Datta questioning her loyalty to him on certain things which he thinks she has said. Even Gautam gets involved.

10:34 pm: Gautam’s assurance

The captain assures Priyanka that he won’t give Archana kitchen duties and cancels her out of the kitchen.

10:22 pm: The Archana-Priyanka ‘Jug’ war

The ladies break out into a fight trying to prove each other’s points wrong on kitchen ethics.

Even after the Bigg Bulletin is over they carry on screaming and screeching at each other.

10:16 pm: ‘Bigg Bulletin with Shekhar Suman’ begins!

Shekhar Suman compares the house with cricket’s elements. A team of 11 is formed on some questions asked by Shekhar. Shiv is asked to form the team while answering some questions.

10:05 pm: Gautam gets mad at Soundarya

Gautam didn’t like the fact that Soundarya offered food to Archana while she explains that Archana has always offered her food.

10:00 pm: Archana denies the kitchen duties

Archana is stubborn that she won’t do her kitchen duties and neither will she talk to Gautam. She also won’t eat food.

9:55 pm: Abdu Rozik’s flirt game strong

Abdu goes to the ladies of the house and keeps giving them his phone number while he flatters them with compliments and a charming personality.

9:51 pm: Archana spreading awareness on Gautam

Archana explains to Soundarya that Gautam might put her at stake in the game’s long run.

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