Yesterday was a shocker to everyone in the Bigg Boss 16 house as Archana Gautam leaves and gets evicted in the middle of the week after getting into a physical fight with Shiv Thakare. In case you missed the biggest fight of the season, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 42 Promo here. The romantic equations in the house seemed messed up between the power duos of the house, Tina Datta is still upset with Shalin Bhanot and on the other hand, and Soundarya Sharma is testing Gautam Vig‘s love for her. The ‘Shukravaar Ka Vaar’ is here and Salman Khan will finally be addressing the tamasha happening in the house.

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11:07 pm: Priyanka & Ankit get an insight into the audience’s opinion

In the activity room, Salman Khan shows them both a few clips of what the viewers are seeing outside. Whether they are friends or more than that, suspicions are raised about their relationship. The viewers express their belief that Priyanka has control over Ankit, to which she responds by saying that she tries to guide him. When Ankit is asked about getting sympathy from the audience, he clarifies that he is more of an ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Salman believes that they both like each other as friends, and that Priyanka genuinely cares for him, and that by not listening to her, he is making a mockery of her, as the audience observes.

10:56 pm: Salman Khan completes fan’s request

Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani join Salman on the stage for a fun evening and the promotions of their show MTV Splitsvilla. Salman re-lives his dialogues, recreates his famous gendha phool scene and also shakes a leg on Munni Badnaam.

10:54 pm: Priyanka’s behaviour questioned

As the yelling continues in the house, Sajid Khan believes Priyanka is only acting for the camera, while Tina believes Priyanka did not say anything during Archana’s fight with Shiv yesterday which was wrong.

10:49 pm: Priyanka against MC Stan

Gori is sitting down to talk with MC Stan about what he said when Gautam accuses him of saying that Gori Nagori feels bad that Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia got in the way. Priyanka and Ankit join this conflict and refer to MC Stan’s group as “fake.”

10:41 pm: Even activities turn into fights!

Nimrit and Priyanka start fighting in the house over Abdu Rozik‘s captaincy issue. When they are asked to rate each other using some adjectives written on the board for the following task, Tina ends up referring to Ankit as Priyanka’s “chamcha.”

10:34 pm: Bigg Boss house turns into Splitsvilla

Sunny Leone & Arjun Bijlani enter the house with a load of juicy activities. It’s boys vs girls, and who would entertain the audience most? Gori showcases her amazing moves while Shalin tries to catch beats with her. Ankit gives a sexy lap dance to Arjun.

The second activity is to name one person each, one who broke the heart and one who won it. As MC Stan gives his heart to Gori, Arjun makes a revelation that he has said a few things to Soundarya & Gautam which is against her. While Sajid is giving a broken out to Gori and even makes a comment about her leaving soon was shocking. The lovey-dovey, Ankit gives his heat to Priyanka of course! The boys win the task as they are less diplomatic.

10:18 pm: Abdu avoiding Nimrit

Everyone in the house is teasing Abdu over his and Nimrit’s bond. Over time it has got awkward between them as people talk about it. Nimrit feels bad that Abdu is drifting apart. They both clear their parts and patch up their ‘bro-ship’ with a very sweet hug.

10:15 pm: Who will rule the kitchen?

Tina lifts the Tawa off the stove twice to cook her rice, while Priyanka’s rotis are baking. This makes Priyanka angry and she ends up calling Tina bossy and the kitchen turns into a warzone again.

10:10 pm: The couples quarrel

When Shalin is trying to convince Tina to talk to him, she says that she will only have a conversation after Bigg Boss is done over coffee.

Gautam and Soundarya get into an argument as she puts his love to test by mentioning that she would be interested in a wild card entry. Though this conversation was for fun, he loses his cool. He feels bad about it and breaks down in tears.

10:07 pm: Abdu gets upset at Priyanka

As everyone teases Abdu with Nimrit’s name he gets mad at Priyanka over teasing her and mentions that he is not a kid. He also talks about Priyanka not letting him continue his captaincy.

10:03 pm: The wait for a wild card entry

The boys in the Bigg Boss house are very eager to get a new girl as a wild card entry. MC Stan & Shiv Thakare make it clear that they won’t let Abdu Rozik take away another girl with his cuteness.

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