The Bigg Boss 16 house is going to be a place of mixed emotions today. After the wild cards got their chance to express their opinions about the housemates, the tables turn now and Sreejita De and Vikkas Manaktala are about to be tagged ‘Bhangaar & Angaar’. To get a gist of what’s going to happen today, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 70 promo here. While on one hand, the Bigg Boss 13 favourite, Shehnaaz Gill is going to brighten the stage up with her presence on the other Shalin Bhanot is put in a crazy tough situation.

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10:26 pm: The mandali makes fun of Shalin

Shalin looks disturbed and is walking to and fro near the exit tunnel. Nimrit, Shiv and Sreejita cannot stop making fun of his situation.

10:23 pm: Shalin breaks down

Shalin ends up in tears as he feels that he is too attached to Tina and is missing her already. He is embarrassed as he is crying over Tina. Priyanka is constantly sitting over with him trying to console him.

10:17 pm: Archana does a bad move

As Tina leaves the house, Archana wipes ‘Zuzu’ from her bottle. Nimrit tries to correct her on what she did was wrong but, Archana is not willing to understand.

10:13 pm: Sumbul asks permission from Sajid to talk to Shalin

Sumbul is really wanting to go and talk to Shalin and she goes on to take advice from Sajid on whether she should go and talk to Shalin or no. Sajid tries to explain to her that she should not ask him and is astonished by Sumbul wanting to talk to Shalin after everything going down in the last month.

10:06 pm: Archana is on cloud nine

Priyanka seems to be really upset over Tina not saying a proper goodbye and even the rest of the contestants are in shock but, Archana seems unaffected and even teases Soundarya over the audience removing Tina because they want to see a love angle between Soundarya and Shalin. The rest of the housemates are consoling Shalin and asking him to be strong.

10:02 pm: Shalin panics over Tina leaving the house

Salman goes on to declare that Tina has got lesser votes than Sumbul and she would have to leave the house. Shalin is stunned by the decision and is in a state of panic as Tina is about to take a leave from the house. Archana looks very happy and can’t contain her happiness over Tina leaving the house.

9:59 pm: Shalin to choose between Tina & Sumbul’s safety over the prize money

By revealing that Shalin has the choice to press a buzzer and keep 25 lakhs of the total winning prize money at the expense of allowing the eviction to proceed, as usual, Salman Khan introduces a startling twist. The alternative is to not press the buzzer, which would spare Tina and Sumbul from being evicted but would cost him 25 lakhs of the prize money.

Salman khan is constantly going on with his countdown and Shalin doesn’t press the buzzer which means that someone has to be evicted tonight.

9:55 pm: The contestants who are not leaving the house today

Salman declares that MC Stan is not leaving the house because of his fans. Nimrit is also safe for the week and shares a sweet tight hug with Abdu. Now, the ones in the danger zone are Tina and Sumbul.

9:46 pm: The first impression of the wild cards

The contestants are asked to tag the wild cards, Sreejita and Vikkas and categorize them into an ‘angaar’ golden locket and empty a bucket of dried leaves on the person who would be considered as ‘bhangaar’. While everyone is labelling them, MC Stan gets his chance to get back at Vikkas and empties the bucket of scrap on Vikkas. This task clearly shows that Vikkas has got quite a lot of hate budding from him in the house and there has not been a lot of conversation with him. Vikkas gets the official tag of Bhangaar. Sreejita gets the Angaar tag and is happy about it.

9:28 pm: Shehnaaz and MC Square enter the house with some fun activities

Abdu sings ‘Enna Sona’ for Shehnaaz and she gets so impressed that she asks for a kiss from him. After which, Two contestants are involved in the task, one of whom is seated on a rotating chair that will spin if the other housemate replies “yes” to the hot questions. Ankit gets to sit on the chair first while Archana Gautam gives yes to every fun question. Secondly, Archana goes on to sit on the rotating chair and Shiv is the one answering the questions, and he answers ‘yes’ to every question and even she takes it positively.

The next task requires the housemates to list which negative trait of the other housemates they would like to kill. MC Stan and Shiv target Soundarya, while Stan says that she keeps on making her ‘vegan’ food an issue, Shiv says that she looks down on everyone. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia calls out on Tina Datta. Archana asks Shalin to cut his bad habit of hiding behind Tina all the time. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary goes on to have a fight with Shiv which Shehnaaz has to cut down. Vikkas is all over MC Stan and trying to target him to wake him up in the show.

9:18 pm: Shehnaaz Gills join Salman Khan on stage

Shehnaaz comes up on the Bigg Boss 16 stage to promote her new song. She makes showers Salman with a bunch of questions and even enacts a scene with her own twist from Hum Aapke Hain Koun. MC Square, the winner of MTV’s Hustle 2.0 season 2 comes in and joins the stars.

9:04 pm: Whose going ahead in the Bigg Boss 16 game?

Salman Khan asks the contestants to build and remove blocks of the ones who are going ahead in the show and ones who are lacking behind. Abdu Rozik gets the most number of votes of going ahead in the game on the other hand majority of the contestants that Ankit Gupta is going very slow in the game because of his nature and less involvement in the house.

Even Sajid Khan gets the expected attention from his mandali members like Shiv Thakare and Abdu who consider going ahead in the game. Soundarya Sharma and Shalin are also given enough votes by the housemates thinking that they aren’t going ahead in the game.

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