The temperature of the Bigg Boss 16 house is going to soar today with the fights which are about to take place. The nominations take place tonight which is about to create more pressure in the house. To get a gist, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 73 Promo here. The wildcard, Vikkas Manaktala gets in a tiff with one of the new captains Soundarya Sharma over house duties. On the other hand, there’s a massive fight which takes place where Sumbul Toqueer and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary express their hate for each other during the nomination special.

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11:00 pm: Discussions after the nominations

After the nomination task, Shalin goes to Nimrit to express his disappointment in her which escalates into a fight. Even Sajid is questioned by Tina about nominating her. Sreejita calls out at MC Stan which turns into a brawl.

10:50 pm: Soundarya saves Ankit

Ankit gets nominated by Tina over his less involvement in the show and Nimrit and the other mandali gang along with Archana accuse him of playing the game behind Priyanka’s shadow. But, he is saved by Soundarya given the reason for friendship.

Shiv, Tina, Shalin and Sajid are nominated for the week.

10:41 pm: Next The mandali goes up against Shalin

After Priyanka, Sajid and the gang press the buzzer together for Shalin. Between all this MC Stan and Priyanka keep throwing hate at each other.

Soundarya also declines to give him the safety drink. MC Stan is safe as no one presses the buzzer for him. Tina and Shalin go up against Sajid. Tina believes that Sajid’s involvement in tasks is very less. Soundarya doesn’t pour the safety drink for Sajid.

10:35 pm: Sumbul calls Priyanka ‘Kachra’

It’s Nimrit’s chance and Ankit goes on to press the buzzer over her playing along with Sajid Khan. This turns heated when Sumbul calls Priyanka ‘Kachra’ and Priyanka gives it back by calling her an amazing actor by crying all the time.

Tina is next and Archana gives the reason that because of her they lost the 25 lakh prize money.

10:30 pm: Soundarya saves Priyanka

Shiv predicts that she would definitely save Priyanka and that’s what exactly happens.

10:24 pm: The ‘mandali’ goes up against Priyanka

Sajid and his gang which is specially called mandali, stick to their words and nominate Priyanka. Shiv calls out Priyanka as ‘double dholki’. Priyanka gets into a huge argument with Shiv and MC Stan supports his point.

10:14 pm: The nomination special task

Bigg Boss has turned the house into the game of daldal with a snake. Sreejita and Vikkas are safe as they are the wildcards and Soundarya are too because of her advantage. All the contestants stand in line and press the buzzer. Abdu goes first, and none of them nominates him. Archana surprisingly is saved and none of the contestants nominate her.

Archana nominates Sumbul. Ankit Gupta, Priyanka, Archana and Vikkas press the buzzer for Shiv Thakare. Shiv ends up in an argument with Priyanka, Ankit and Archana. Soundarya gets another special power where she can give a sip of ‘Amrit’ and save him. But, Soundarya denies it which escalates into a fight and Shiv is nominated.

10:09 pm: Tina and Sumbul don’t leave the buzzer

The two ladies don’t move away from the buzzer while there is an argument happening in the kitchen over making lunch. Soundarya on the other hand is not stuck to the buzzer and gets the advantage of the power in the nomination activity.

10:03 pm: The buzzer is back

Bigg Boss makes a declaration of getting it back for the captain. The captain who reaches the buzzer first will get a special power in the task.

9:56 pm: Abdu and Priyanka start an argument

Priyanka comes and announces in the kitchen that she is hungry Abdu Rozik mentions that if everyone is fighting in the kitchen how will the breakfast be made on time? Priyanka doesn’t like his tone and gets into an argument with Abdu.

9:52 pm: The day starts with Archana and Sumbul fighting in the kitchen

Archana goes to make tea in the kitchen while Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is still using the stove. Soundarya and Sumbul deny Archana from her going into the kitchen but, she still goes and Sumbul tries to stop her. This turns huge when Sumbul tries to take the utensil off the stove.

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