The Bigg Boss 16 house has an up and down as Ankit Gupta exits the show, and Abdu Rozik comes back in the vibe keeps changing. On the other hand, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary is just gloomy over her friend leaving the house. To get a gist, Read Bigg Boss 16 Day 85 Promo here. The wildcard entries, Vikkas Manaktala and Sreejita De have never been friends and they get into a fight, verbally calling each other names. The house is pretty heated tonight but, the smiles are brought in by Abdu and the laughter quotient is high as Shekhar Suman brings the fun.

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10:31 pm: Abdu confronted by Sajid and Nimrit

Sajid and Nimrit express their feelings to Abdu but he denies any such thing and he said that he really misses them.

10:24 pm: Abdu Rozik enters the house again

Chota Bhaijaan is playing. Everyone dashes to the front door. Abdu enters the room. Nimrit and Shiv embrace Abdu. He hugs Shiv and says I missed you, my brother. Everyone welcomes his return. The first thing he does is sits with Shiv and express that he missed him a lot. Sajid and Nimrit think that Abdu is ignoring them and staying away as his PR team might have told him. But, they decide to give the situation some time.

10:19 pm: Bigg Boss slams Vikkas

As Vikkas gossips with Archana about Shiv, Bigg Boss seems to be disappointed with this. He quizzes Shiv asking some of the situations that happened in Bigg Boss Marathi and what season was Shiv a part of but, Vikkas fails to answer even a single question.

10:09 pm: Shiv and the gossip revolving around him

The discussion goes on the house post the Bigg Bulletin session. Shiv Thakare looks like the prime topic. As Tina thinks he is playing smart and being friends with Archana because she is trending outside. Meanwhile, Vikkas and Archana gossip about Shiv and his performance in Bigg Boss Marathi. Archana goes on to confront Shiv asking him whether he bit someone in the Bigg Boss Marathi house, while he is justifying himself Bigg Boss interferes and asks him to not justify and assemble in the living area.

9:57 pm: ‘Bigg Bulletin’ with Shekhar Suman

On the occasion of Christmas, Shekhar Suman brings a dose of laughter to the housemates. He brings cards for the housemates to read aloud. From Shiv’s fictitious salwar suit wali wild card to Archana’s fantasy of finding her MP love, this segment grows increasingly amusing by the minute.

9:40 pm: Tina upset at Sajid

The chicken pieces are less in the rice and Tina gets just one piece. She goes to the dining table and asks Sumbul about it after which, Sajid offers her to take a few pieces from his plate which upsets her. She goes on to rant about never getting chicken and even the food being spicy.

9:33 pm: Shalin and Tina’s problem

Shalin Bhanot has made friends with Priyanka and Tina has patched up with her friend MC Stan. While Shalin tells her he is maintaining a little distance from Tina she expresses to Stan that he had come to hit her when they were in the bathroom and she feels stuck.

9:27 pm: Vikkas and Sreejita get into an argument

Vikkas taunts MC Stan for just talking behind the back and not having the guts to say it in the face. Sreejita interferes in this conversation by calling Vikkas ‘Bewakoof’ and he gives his back by telling her that a face is like a ‘lombdi’ (fox). This verbal spat escalates when Sreejita puts off the microwave which he has put on.

9:20 pm: Archana hugs Priyanka and the discussions

Sreejita calls Priyanka and tells her that Archana would like to hug her. Both the frenemies hug and Archana is clear that she has finally freed herself from Ankit and now she can play her game.

MC Stan and the mandali sit to discuss that now Priyanka will have Archana’s back as it’s the nomination special tomorrow. Meanwhile, Sajid makes predictions that Sumbul Toqueer is about to be the next target.

9:15 pm: Ankit bids farewell to the Bigg Boss 16 house

Ankit leaves his bracelet with Priyanka and they happen to have a sweet banter over it before Ankit leaves. Ankit asks Priyanka to play the game strongly and win it. He leaves with a smile in a very joyful manner.

9:10 pm: Archana makes it her own issue

The mandali seems to tell Archana to calm down her happiness and express it way too much. She gives it back by stating that everyone is happy about the fact that Ankit is leaving in their heart but nobody is showcasing it. Sajid and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia try to make her make understand but no one can calm Archana down.

9:00 pm: Ankit consoles Priyanka before leaving the house

Priyanka is shattered over Ankit leaving the house. She hasn’t stopped crying since the announcement as she wasn’t prepared for this. Alongside Priyanka’s emotions flowing, Sajid Khan and Tina Datta get into their own brawl over Sajid claiming that the task was about to reveal which contender had contributed the least in the previous 24 hours. Tina defends herself. Bigg boss corrects Sajid, saying it wasn’t about the last 24 hours. On the other hand, Archana Gautam calls out everyone’s hypocrisy in the house over being sad when Ankit is about to leave.