The “Weekend Ka Vaar” is going to be like a blitzkrieg of reality checks in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Salman Khan is all set to take Shalin Bhanot and Archana Gautam‘s class over their behaviour this week. To get an insight, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 90 Promo here. The unsaid cold issue between Nimirt Kaur Ahluwalia and Abdu Rozik is cleared by Bhai which I have been waiting this whole week for. A task emerges today which reveals the hidden grudges of the contestants and they also get an opportunity to remove

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10:25 pm: Bigg Boss summons Archana and Vikkas into the confession room

Bigg Boss has called Archana and Vikkas to discuss about bringing anyone’s caste or personal words out. Vikkas apologizes for his behaviour. Bigg Boss warns them to not do it again further.

11:19 pm: Salman speaks to Vikkas

Vikkas is slammed by Salman when he called things like illiterate and Hindi medium to Archana. Salman also tells Priyanka that she is wrong and that she didn’t correct Vikkas about him saying all this about Archana. But, she denies it because Archana also keeps saying bad things about her and that’s why she didn’t say anything to Vikkas. Salman says that he has blocked his number and even changed it.

11:08 pm: Light’s shed between Shalin and Archana’s issue

Salman questions why Shalin gets mad in this situation. He says that he can’t take it when Archana said something about a close family member of his. He expresses that it’s a very sensitive topic for him and she shouldn’t have said it. Salman also asks him why did he call Archana “kaisi do kaude ki aurat ho”. Shalin fumbles and gives it back to Salman by asking whether should he be sitting silently when crap is being said.

11:03 pm: The food issues in the house

Nimrit is asked to state the issue which happened regarding Abdu’s food and it was written mistakenly as Nimrit voices who ate Abdu’s food.

10:50 pm: Salman’s one on one class with Archana

Archana asks for a one-on-one session with Archana while the others are asked to leave the living room. Meanwhile, Shalin hopes that Salman is taking a very nice class of hers. Bhai asks Archana to not speak and just listen to her until he says. He brings on her problem of bringing in her family’s name into any fights and her image is gone for a toss. Bhai also reveals that she goes out of her limits and almost everyone hates her in the house. Archana had got Shalin’s wife making a statement about her. Salman asks her to be strong when someone calls her illiterate and says proudly that she is from Hindi medium. He also warns her that if she doesn’t stop this he will call her out of the house.

10:42 pm: Salman enters the house

Salman comes in a very fun way complimenting Abdu. Salman jokes about Tina calling MC Stan and ‘Stana’. Sajid and Stan mock Sumbul’s letter.

10:35 pm: Soundarya reveals Shalin’s conversation about her

Soundarya states that Shalin had made her take a promise and said that Tina is just playing. Sajid becomes a part of the conversation and Tina seems to be upset over the fact that Shalin said she is pretending to care for the camera.

10:32 pm: Sajid and the mandali’s discussions

Sajid says that he doesn’t agree with this whole task and also feels bad for Archana as everyone targets her. But MC Stan to doesn’t support Sajid’s statement causing a disagreement between them.

10:25 pm: Archana gets back to Vikkas

Archana chooses her recently made enemy Vikkas and they start to continue their argument over getting baap and family in between. Vikkas on the other hand says, that Archana’s parents would be disappointed looking at her this way. Next, she calls Tina and there are still new arguments going on between them. Shalin goes next and gets targeted badly by Archana as she pours mud water on him. Priyanka is her next target

10:14 pm: Shiv and Shalin get in a fight

Shiv targets Shalin next to him having double standards. It is revealed that Shalin had called Shiv “Ladkibaaz”. But, Sajid acts diplomatically while Shiv confronts him. Nimrit also continues to target Shalin by saying that he is ‘overconfident’. Next, Sumbul Toqueer chooses Tina and then throws black water on Shalin also overcalling her weak. Soundarya Sharma also makes sure she states her reason for Shalin’s point out over him calling ‘unpad’. She even reveals that he has said a few things about Tina that she can’t expose because he has taken a promise and would like to keep Tina’s respect by not saying it.

10:01 pm: Revealing the hidden grudges

The contestants have to address each other “paap” by showering black water on each other. This task gives the contestants the to take out revenge on each other. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary,Shalin, Tina Datta, Sreejita De, Vikkas Manaktala, and Sajid Khan target Archana by showering buckets of dirty water on her by mentioning all her fights and doings throughout the week. Abdu calls Vikkas saying that he had blamed Abdu for not understanding anything in the show. An argument breaks between MC Stan and Archana over calling her again.

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