The Bigg Boss 16 house is about to be glamorous and open a whole box of fun in the New Year Special episode. Dharmendra Paaji coming into the Bigg Boss 16 house is the biggest surprise for the contestants as well as for us. To get an insight, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 91 Promo here. While the fun parts are going to lighten the mood of the house, some tasks bring in the heat. The ‘New Year Clearance Sale’ gives an opportunity for the contestants to target each other. Vikkas Manaktala is in the limelight of this task and Tina Datta doesn’t leave a chance to label Shalin Bhanot.

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10:22 pm: Krushna comes in as Jackie Shroff

Krushna comes in again imitating Jackie Shroff and getting his style on stage. His hilarious way of making jokes cracks up Salman Khan. Kashmera Shah joins Krushna on the stage adding on to the comedy skit.

10:15 pm: Vikkas gets evicted

Vikkas’s short periods of time in the house are over and he is evicted from the house. Archana says that god has heard her prayers and also states that now nominations have to be played strategically.

10:00 pm: New Year’s Clearance Sale

The contestants are asked to label each other as sold. Archana labels Vikkas as sold. Soundarya tags Shalin. Sumbul Toqueer puts one sticker on Sreejita. Nimrit adds one on Shalin. Shiv goes on to target Vikkas. MC Stan calls in Sreejita. Abdu puts one sticker on Vikkas telling him not to speak behind the back and rather say it on his face. Shiv and Vikkas get into a brawl as Shiv targets Vikkas. Tina goes on to add Shalin with a sticker over the fact that he called her fake.

9:48 pm: Krushna Abhishek comes on the stage with his comic element

Krushna Abhishek is dressed up as Dharmendra ji’s friend Jitendra and they reminisce about the time of their movie ‘Dharmveer’. Former contestant of Bigg Boss Rajiv Adatia joins in adding on the comic element. A slide show of photos of young Dharmendra is shown and each picture’s story is told.

9:40 pm: The connections in the house

Vikkas feeds Shalin a bite by declaring that he has always been a friend to him. Tina chooses MC Stan. Priyanka gives a ladoo to Abdu and Sreejita De and Shalin gives a bite to Tina. After which, Dharmendra ji and Salman Khan take a leave from the house.

9:30 pm: Salman Khan joins in with Dharmendra ji

‘Ghar Ki Dreamgirl’ & ‘Ghar Ka Dharam’ are about to be chosen after the contestants entertain Dharam ji with their performances. Shalin gives a dance performance. MC Stan says some of the iconic dialogues. Sajid has changed into a very famous costume replicating it and re-doing the scene and even showcasing his moves on Dharmendra ji’s song. Abdu sings a song for him with his cuteness. Shiv Thakare dances with the two ladies, Soundarya Sharma and Priyanka. Sajid is given the title of ‘Ghar Ka Dharam’. The ladies dance to some ever-green songs and ‘Ghar Ki Dreamgirl’ is won by Soundarya.

9:20 pm: Dharmendra enters the Bigg Boss 16 house

The contestants are elated to see Dharam Paaji in the house. He expresses his love for all the contestants and the camera in the house. His Shayari enlightens the mood. Bigg Boss asks Sajid to take over and host the show. He shares his experiences on sets and Sajid reveals that he was featured as number one in a magazine for the hottest man. Dharmendra ji gives his tip for mastering the art of comedy and also shares how he fought a real tiger and then a lion for his movies.

9:11 pm: Nimrit asks Abdu to clear up what her mom said

Nimrit confronts Abdu on her mom calling him. But, he doesn’t disclose it because he isn’t sure whether he is allowed to reveal it or not. Nimrit apologizes to him.

Simultaneously, Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary get into a fight where she keeps on targeting her which makes Priyanka break down in tears.

9:02 pm: Salman calls Nimrit confused

Salman continues taking his class and now it’s Nimirt Kaur Ahluwalia‘s turn. The issue of Nimrit feeling bad over Abdu Rozik being distant from her. Salman says that it requires courage to keep a distance from her. He even sheds light when Sajid Khan and Shiv Thakare kept on telling him to maintain his distance. Bhai questions her that what is the problem now if he is actually keeping his distance. Salman announces that Nimrit’s limelight is gone as soon as Abdu got distant from her and she is nearly invisible.

Salman also reveals that Nimrit’s mom had contacted Abdu and had a word but, he didn’t disclose what was said. Ending this conversation with Nimrit, Bhai says that from here on there is a better journey forward for her.

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