When I questioned myself if it could get any chaotic, I knew Bigg Boss 16 would surprise me. There have been comments made on Ankit Gupta‘s captaincy and how the contestants have become lazy. Don’t know what I am talking about? Then check out Bigg Boss 16 5th December Day 66 Highlights. Well all of that changed this episode. With Ankit as moderator to a task, hell breaks loose among the contestants. We also see Nimrit sharing to the ones closest to her in the house how she is always told that she weak.

The day starts off with Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma discussing that it is very evident that Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot have had a fight. Shiv Thakare, Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik sit with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia to discuss why she is feeling low. She tells them that she is tired of letting go of things people say to her and tears up about the same. Nimrit says that they don’t have time for her and questions why no one support her when she needs them and is tired of people telling her that she is weak.

Bigg Boss announces a new task, that shakes Ankit up. His captaincy is challenged with this new task. Bigg Boss mocks Ankit of chilling all the time and hiding from his responsibilities. Bigg Boss calls his captaincy boring as nothing is happening during his tenure. He then asks who he would nominate to not become captain again, to which Ankit chooses Sajid, Shiv, Abdu, Nimrit, Archana and MC Stan. The rest are now in the game to become captains who will mind the captives as jailers. If any captive escapes, then they will stand a chance to become captain next week.

Housemates then huddle up to discuss their stratergy in the upcoming game. He is then asked to name why each one is going to jail. He cliams Nimrit doesn’t perform when she is not a captain, to which Nimrit says that Ankit should not be the one speaking about not performing. The first task is that of imprimting the key on clay, during this task Archana gets physical and pulls Soundarya’s leg, very literally.

Bigg Boss then asks them to line up in the garden area and questions the all of them. There is a lot of chaos as Bigg Boss claims this is because Ankit did not play a good role as a mediator. Ankit announces that all the captives are disqualified. Fight breaks out and Ankit tries to intervene but fails at doing so. In the second round of game, Shiv manages to jump over the wall and escape. In the third round, Archana also manages to pass through the tunnel and complete the task, but Ankit disqualifies her under the pretext of using force on Priyanka.

Sajid argues that they should’ve not played the task when they knew they weren’t going to win. Nimrit and Shiv argue that it demotivates them and that this is not the platform for this philosophy. Sumbul discusses her equation with Tina and Shalin, with Nimrit, and how she needs to stay away from Shalin.
Bigg Boss calls in Shiv, Tina and Nimrit. He gives them a task, to ask why the two people in the house – Ankit and Sajid feel like the task was lopsided. He asks them why this could be the reason and they put forth their reasons.

Will Tina, Shiv and Nimrit be able to make Sajid and Ankit reveal their true side? We will find out soon. Until then stay tuned for more updates right here, also, vote for your favorite contestant on MyGlamm & get a chance to meet Salman Khan.

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