With the start of the New Year in the Bigg Boss 16 house, there are new issues blooming in housemate’s favourite place to start a mudda – ‘The Kitchen’. Tina Datta gets in a fight with Archana Gautam when called out on her romance with Shalin Bhanot. Even Enemies, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary can’t seem to stop their fights which again revolve around the kitchen. Anyways the environment in the house is pumped up due to the captaincy’s run. To get a gist, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 94 Promo here. Priyanka and Sajid Khan don’t seem to do well along during the captaincy’s task. The battle for the captain’s throne is just about to begin.

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10:58 pm: MC Stan wants a voluntary exit from the show

Sajid next goes to the captain’s room to discuss it with the mandali. Sajid tells MC Stan that he was wrong when he told Archana that “Teri Maa ka Bigg Boss ke sath chalrha kya?”. While the mandali tries to explain Stan to eat his food, he says that he would choose a voluntary exit.

10:53 pm: Archana breaks down in tears

Sajid goes to calm down Archana and questions asking why would she get hyper about the bathroom not being cleaned. Archana justifies herself by saying that when she doesn’t work everyone targets her. She brings back the time when Shiv threw her clothes when she denied her duties, Sajid takes the blame on himself by clarifying that he asked her to do so.

10:48 pm: MC Stan and Archana keep on dragging the family into the fights

MC Stan warns Archana that how much ever she keeps on yelling about his profession he would go on his parents. Soundarya and Sajid try to calm Archana down but, they fail as she is mad over the fact that Stan told her that there’s an affair going on between her mom and Bigg Boss after she said that Bigg Boss is her baap.

10:37 pm: The fight gets heated

While the fight still goes on about the house duties, Nimrit and Shiv challenge Archana that if she has the guts she should tell this to MC Stan’s fan. She goes to Stan and tells him her problems. This goes to become more heated as ‘Tere baap ka naukar hai kya?’. Archana says that Bigg Boss is her father and then MC Stan drags Archana’s mother into the conversation which leads Archana to call MC Stan ‘Ghatiya’ thinking that he is disrespecting her mom. She even calls MC Stan Shiv’s chamcha.

10:30 pm: Archana makes issues about the house duties

Archana goes and tells Abdu that the bathroom is not clean today. Shiv gets into the conversation which goes on to escalate the fight between them. She calls Shiv a ‘fattu’ and Shiv calls her a ‘kaamchor’. Sreejita gets mad and also joins the fight and tells Sreejita to back to her fiancee.

Simultaneously, Shalin believes that Tina always keeps throwing an attitude at him. Tina gets mad and throws a bottle of anger and also the mic. She goes to the washroom and runs the water and cries.

10:25 pm: The last ball releases

Bigg Boss announces that even after the last ball is released the task won’t be over until a buzzer goes on. The last ball goes to waste as no one catches it.

Abdu Rozik becomes the new captain of the house for the second time. Sajid tells Abdu to save Sumbul during the nominations if he gets a chance.

10:20 pm: Sajid and Tina get angry at each other during the task

Sajid is mad and declares that if he gets angry he would just disqualify it. Sajid asks Priyanka what did he do wrong, Priyanka says that disqualify directly rather than threatening her again. Tina also agrees with Priyanka. The fight goes on as Shalin assures that no one is going to steal Abdu’s ball but, Priyanka says that it’s not her words and it’s Shalin’s. Tina blames Sajid to change the game according to his convenience. Sajid tells Tina not to talk to her in a high voice but Tina denies it by saying that if he doesn’t lower her voice even she wouldn’t. Tina yells at him saying, “Talk to my hand”.

10:15 pm: Priyanka and Sajid get into a disagreement

Sajid asks Priyanka and Abdu to step out of their baskets as they protect their balls but, Priyanka denies it saying that there is no rule as such. But, Sajid still orders her to set out or he would disqualify her. This escalates the matter as he tries to take her out. Priyanka tells Sajid not to cheat and says that “don’t be very smart Sajid Ji”. Soundarya and Sumbul Toqueer catch the next ball and put it in Abdu’s basket.

10:10 pm: The game of ball continues

Shalin catches the next released ball and now Priyanka has two balls in her basket. Shiv catches the next ball and it goes into Abdu’s basket making it equal to Priyanka. Shalin is catching back-to-back balls and Priyanka’s basket keeps on getting filled.

10:03 pm: The Captaincy Task begins

Priyanka, Nimrit, MC Stan and Abdu Rozik have the full potential of becoming the next captain as they are not nominated. Horns will be buzzed in the house, and the other contestants would get a chance to catch the balls which will be slid down and they will be allowed to put them in the potential captain’s basket. Sajid is the sanchalak for this task as usual.

Sreejita De falls down and gets hurt as the first ball is released. Archana blames Sreejita’s heels as she believes that it’s a task and that heels are not liable footwear. The first ball is caught by Soundarya and Abdu gets the ball. The second one is caught by Shalin and he gives it to Priyanka. Meanwhile, Tina expresses her disappointment with Bigg Boss that he didn’t call her to the confession room yesterday.

9:57 pm: Priyanka & Nimrit fight over the food made

Priyanka is upset over the fact that no one asks them before making food. Nimrit tells her that there are other dishes also kept in the fridge.

9:49 pm: Tina and Archana’s verbal spat in the morning

Tina tells Archana that she should tell beforehand if she needs time in the kitchen. On the other hand, Archana says that she was romancing Shalin and didn’t want to interfere. This pissed Tina off and she goes on to say that she has studied in a co-ed school. Soundarya Sharma and Archana criticize Tina for hugging Shalin closely and still calling him a friend. Priyanka also gets in the conversation while they target Archana but, she ignores them taking it as a joke. Sajid declares that they are making Archana a bigger star by trying to attack her.

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