As yesterday barely any ration came into the Bigg Boss 16, another chance is given to retrieve the food but this is going to put the contestants through nominations once again while it will challenge friendships that are put up at stake. To get a gist into today’s episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 96 Promo here. Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot & Archana Gautam ‘s brawl is about to cost them all the ration as Bigg Boss takes it away. The ration is a hot topic and it even leads to a fight between the newly made friends, Shalin and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. What more changes is this task going to get, we’ll get to know. Stay tuned here!

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10:58 pm: Sajid feels Abdu has become arrogant

Sajid tells Abdu that he feels that he is responsible for him. Sajid expresses how he feels that Abdu has changed. Shiv explains to Abdu to just go hug Sajid and let it go. He sweetly hugs everyone in the mandali and Sajid a cute goodnight.

10:55 pm: Shalin jokes with Shiv

Shalin wore hair extensions along with lipstick and a bindi donning the avatar of a lady and asks Shiv to imagine him as a new wildcard entry. He hilariously tries to run behind him and flirts with Shiv.

10:51 pm: Sajid is upset over Abdu not fulfilling his captain duties

Priyanka starts distributing the fruits and Abdu taunts her by saying “Let Priyanka do it even though she is the captain”. Later, Sajid tells Abdu Rozik that he is not taking a stand for himself as he is the captain and is responsible.

Side by side, Shalin, Sreejita, Tina and Priyanka sit together and are discussing Sumbul. Shalin says that she is not treated well in the mandali. He also states that he will be happy if Sumbul goes.

10:49 pm: Bigg Boss sends fruits

Bigg Boss calls everyone in the living room giving them hope that he is sending dinner but, there are some bananas and apples kept in the store room.

10:46 pm: Archana and Priyanka get into an arguments

Priyanka brings up the time when Archana fought with Gautam Vig for giving away the ration. Priyanka points her as a hypocrite while she did the same thing today.

10:41 pm: Shalin gets aggressive in a fight with Priyanka

Priyanka believes that Shalin is contradicting his statements. She goes to confront him telling him that he could have either taken the blame on him or put Tina’s box. Shalin admits that he is scared of the nominations but, Priyanka is fixed on her point that sometimes he is scared and sometimes he is not and that’s confusing. He tells Priyanka “Bhad mai jao” during their verbal spat. He throws the things kept on the table in the powder room. While Shalin asks her to stay within her limits, she suggests the same to him. Priyanka makes it clear that she’s not Tina and won’t tolerate all this. Priyanka also points out that now he doesn’t need any chicken for the protein.

10:36 pm: Sumbul gets hyper over the ration

Sumbul is super mad over Shalin as all the ration is lost. She expresses her disappointment to Bigg Boss, Sajid and MC Stan. Sumbul removes all the non-veg items kept in the fridge and keeps them in the store room.

10:34 pm: Priyanka summoned into the confession room

Priyanka is called into the confession room to discuss the ration issue. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka to take the right stand now. He explains to Priyanka what happened in the activity room. She believes that Shalin is wrong because he blamed Sajid.

10:28 pm: The task is stopped

Bigg Boss gets really mad as the arguments just keep going and everyone who was nominated before continues to be nominated with no one being saved. As a punishment, all the ration is taken away. Sumbul and Shalin seem to get into an argument over the ration.

10:21 pm: The ration is taken away.

As the argument doesn’t stop Bigg Boss decides to take away all the ration. Shiv Thakare, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Priyanka are asked to collect all the ration which they just received and even the ones from the previous tasks. Shalin blames Sajid saying it’s his fault that he is not able to make Archana understand. Sumbul intervenes in between getting angry over losing the ration.

10:15 pm: Strategy during the nominations

Shalin wants Archana to nominate Sajid and leave Tina and him alone. Shalin makes it clear that Tina won’t nominate each other. On the other hand, Archana also states that she won’t be nominating Sajid. This leads to an argument between Tina, Shalin, Sajid and Archana while Sajid says that he is helpless about the situation and that if Archana wants to save him she can as it’s her decision. Shalin and Tina try to make Sajid understand to ask Archana to do it. But, Archana is stern about her decision. Sajid gets irritated over Shalin and Tina continuously telling Sajid which pisses him off.

10:07 pm: The nominations begin

Soundarya chooses to put Sumbul’s box and keep her nominated in return for ration. Archana makes a deal with Sumbul to nominate her and share the ration. In the next round, Sumbul nominates Archana and gets the ration.

Meanwhile, Shalin suggests Tina nominate him and save Sreejita instead but she is stern about not nominating him. Sreejita goes next and she goes on to dump Soundarya’s name for staying nominated and instead she gets her ration. Sajid asks a question to Bigg Boss what would happen if none of the put the box in the answer to this is that all the ration would be returned to Bigg Boss. Sajid goes on to nominate Sreejita happily getting all the ration.

10:01 pm: A chance to get the ration back and get saved from the nominations

Bigg Boss calls Tina, Shalin, Sreejita De, Archana, Sajid, Soundarya Sharma and Sumbul into the activity room while they get a chance to open a box with each other’s names in it. If the contestant decides to nominate instead rather than save the contestant they will get a bucket of ration.

9:56 pm: Sajid talks about Sumbul’s father and his hypothetical marriage

Sajid Khan gives a hypothetical situation to Sumbul Toqueer, what would she do if her father got married to a 22-year-old? Sumbul says it’s not acceptable and Sajid is still trying to make her understand that it’s her dad’s choice.

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