The whole week has gone very smoothly with fun, laughter and lots of love in the Bigg Boss 16 house brought in by the contestants’ family members. But, all good things come to an end and the family week also comes to an end. But, the fun and drama will go on. To get an insight, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 104 Promo here. The “Shukhravaar Ka Vaar” with Salman Khan will be brighter as the funniest couple on the Indian screen, Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa are about to join in for the Lohri Special episode and they’ll make sure to tickle ours and the contestant’s funny bones!

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11:25 pm: Sreejita gets evicted

Sreejita De gets evicted from the house this week. Looks like Shiv is going to miss her the most. He bids a sweet farewell to her.

11:20 pm: Bharti and Haarsh join Salman on Stage

Bharti and Haarsh come on stage to meet Salman Bhai. They bring a special surprise with them which is their cute baby Laksh which they jokingly leave with Bhai and ask him to take care of him. Bringing the comedy element onto the stage they even hilariously make him sign a fake property paper of his Panvel bungalow.

11:07 pm: The contestants celebrate Lohri

The contestants are asked to put one of their negative attributes into the Lohri fire.

10:41 pm: The names given in the task

The last game involves one contestant getting a secret word, which is a description and the said contestant must pick three people that according to them deserve the description. The contestant must rank them based on that attribute on a winners’ podium. Archana goes first and puts Sreejita first, MC Stan second and Tina third. Shiv goes second and chooses Soundarya for first, Shalin for second and Tina for third. Priyanka puts Shalin at number one, Soundarya at number two and Tina at number three. Shalin ranks Tina as number one which causes a verbal spat between them, the second one is Archana and the third one is Priyanka.

10:29 pm: The final game

The last game involves the contestants walking on a slippery set-up where each tip has to take water and walk on the slippery plank filling the buckets. The pink team goes first and Shiv gives an amazing performance. Sumbul, Nimrit and MC looked hilarious doing the task as they were slipping constantly.

Next goes the yellow team where Archana, Priyanka, Soundarya and Shalin participate. Archana was a sight to see with her funny ways of slipping again and again.

10:16 pm: The taste and guess task

This game involves two blindfolded contestants, out of which one must taste a dish and the other must guess what it is by giving them a description of the game. Archana Gautam and Shalin go first from the yellow team and hilariously describe the food items to each other. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Shiv Thakare go next from the pink team and even though they are going strong, Nimrit slips by mistakenly tasting and naming the dish which was Gajar Ka Halwa. Next MC Stan and Sumbul Toqueer step into the game next. The team yellow wins.

10:11 pm: Pink team VS Yellow team

Bharti and Harsh start the first game where two rival contestants are swinging and picking a ball off the heads of each of their teammates in between their feet and aiming it into a basket. The one with the most balls in the basket wins the game. In the first round, Sajid Khan wins from team pink wins. In the second round, Sreejita De goes from the yellow team and Abdu Rozik from the pink team. Abdu plays amazingly and wins the second round.

10:02 pm: Haarsh and Bharati enter the house

They both enter the house dancing with impeccable energy. Bharti reveals that Tina Datta‘s mother and Shalin Bhanot‘s mother were completely different inside and outside the house. She compliments Shalin’s mother by saying that she was not looking like a mother but Color’s CEO. Haarsh roasts around Archana by saying that because of her voice, he had to change speakers. Both the duo prank the contestants by declaring that there’s been another demonization and two thousand rupees notes have stopped.

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