The Bigg Boss 16 house is about to get prepared for the finale week but, it doesn’t come easy as the nomination specials hover around the contestants but, a twist awaits. After a lot of attempts and nasty fights, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia has secured her seat in the finale week. To catch up on the previous episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 121 Highlights here.

The nomination special in the house puts the contestants are put in a tough spot and it’s all going to be a game of fate and luck instead of removing grudges against each other. The contestants get confused when Bigg Boss informs them that each contestant will have to count in their head till nine minutes and the contestants most close to the actual nine minutes will win the task and get safe from elimination. The housemates think that it is an easy task until Bigg Boss informs them that there is a twist and reveals that they will be interviewed by a special host – Ken Ferns who will show them some comments from the audience. This nomination special is not going to be easy as each holds their own luck.

The designer and celebrity stylist Ken Ferns enter the house and ask them about their personal style which reflects their personality. As Shalin Bhanot tries his best to keep count of the time, he is happy to know that this time it’s in his own hand. On the other hand, Archana Gautam describes her colourful personality describing her choices of clothes. Revealing the audience’s comments Ken reveals to Sumbul Toqueer that she is well known for her amazing dance moves and her crying moves.

There seems to be a disruption in the mandali and it kinds of shocking to see Nimrit, Shiv Thakare and MC Stan go up against Sumbul and talk behind her back. As Sumbul is silent and walks off the mandali. Nimrit says that her politeness has caused an issue. On the other hand, MC thinks that she is playing a victim and has a bad attitude. We only get to know tonight what goes wrong between them. Will the mandali makes amends or shatter?

This episode is going to be filled with fun and also the task will unveil who gets nominated for the week. After all it’s a game of luck and it’s going to be fun to see how the contestants write their own fate.