The Bigg Boss 16 house is filled with surprises and the contestants get another surprise with the announcement that there is soon going to be a family reunion and it’s about to be super overwhelming. I am so excited to see them all together happy but, what drama are the families going to bring in we will get to know soon. To get a gist, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 99 Promo here. On the other hand, Shalin Bhanot will be showering a bunch of questions on Tina Datta to get answers out of her about “them”. Not to forget the comic element which Shekhar Suman is going to bring in to make our and the housemate’s Sunday better.

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10:16 pm: The Hershey’s task

The contestants are asked to narrate one special moment from this year with their fellow contestants and feed them a Hershey’s Kiss chocolate. Soundarya and Archana both narrate a fun story with each other. Sumbul reminiscences the time when her father’s call had come and Shiv, Nimrit, Abdu and MC Stan uplifted her. Shiv expresses his best moment when Abdu came into the house again.

10:10 pm: Shiv and Nimrit’s strong friendship

Nimrit asks Shiv why can’t he have a serious conversation with her instead of always pranking her. Also, she says that if he’s not talking to her then where would she go and make herself light? Shiv hugs her and explains to her that she is a girl with a sweetheart.

9:55 pm: The Bigg Bulletin with Shekhar Suman

In today’s Bigg Bulleting, Shekhar Suman brings in his Shayari and comic element by highlighting their anger and frustration in the house. The camera in the house is the focus as he rants about his frustration because the housemates don’t seem to stop removing their frustration on each other. The whole week’s fun and the fight are brought up in Shekhar’s own style. He even makes Shalin and Shiv act like a newlywed couple on their first night and they both make the contestants laugh till their stomachs hurt. Even Shekhar makes Nimrit mock Tina’s style of speaking.

9:51 pm: Sajid schools Tina

Sajid tells Tina that she has innocent eyes and she takes advantage of them. He asks her to drop her confused girl act.

Shalin goes to sit with Sundarya and Archan and Soundarya tells him that he has dug his own grave.

9:46 pm: MC Stan opens up about his relationship

When Shiv asks Shalin if there was another issue yesterday he said yes. MC Stan says that how he ran behind bubba for 3-4 days and even asked his ex to break up in front of her.

9:34 pm: Sreejita & Sajid get dragged into Tina & Shalin’s matter

Between their discussions, Shalin had disclosed his conversation about Tina loving brands but, when Tina asks Sreejita to come up and clarify it she denies it and tells her she won’t be falling in between. Tina tries to tell Shalin that she needs some time off and doesn’t want to keep hanging.

Shalin calls up Sajid to clarify the words they exchanged during the ration plus nomination task. But, Sajid diplomatically doesn’t answer to any of it. Shalin again seems to be getting hyper over this. Sajid suggests they do whatever they want to about their relationship and explains to Shalin that he is not 15 or 20 years old to behave like this. After the talk, Tina comes and tells Priyanka not to speak about her to him or else he would end up causing a fight between them.

9:29 pm: Shalin and Tina sit to talk

Tina asks Shalin first what is going on in his mind. He questions her back asking did she ever love him, Tina replies by saying that she did have feelings for him but, now she doesn’t and she cannot keep on justifying herself again. She clears it out that her image is gone for a toss and if she came first to talk to him it would again come on her. Shalin tells her that they both had spoken about babies but, Tina says that after yesterday she needs a break from him. Moreover, she clarifies to him that he is aggressive with her. Shalin seems to be hurt and says that he wants to hug her and say its okay, he also says that he wants to stand by her and prove the world wrong.

9:24 pm: Abdu flirts with Soundarya

Abdu cutely says that he is in love with Soundarya and he flirts with her. Shiv and MC Stan go on to tease him but, he clears that he’s just joking.

9:19 pm: Shalin apologizes to Soundarya

Shalin goes to say sorry to Soundarya over the fact that he had said a few mean things about her like “if Soundarya is the last person on earth, I still won’t talk to her”. But, Soundarya seems to be very stern and is not ready to listen to him. Side by side, Sajid discusses with Soundarya, Sumbul and Abdu that everyone called Shalin ‘fake’ yesterday which hurt him the most.

Shalin reveals to Priyanka that Tina said to her that their kids would be very cute.

9:16 pm: Nimrit cries over Shiv’s prank

Nimrit and Sumbul Toqueer are irritated with Shiv Thakare and MC Stan for pranking them that there is rice which needs to be divided because the boys wanted to sit in the kennel. Nimrit gets upset over this and starts crying. Shiv goes on to convince her as she cries over it and makes a sorry design with tissue paper. Abdu Rozik comes and scatters it after Nimrit sees it.

9:09 pm: Tina discusses Shalin’s topic with Sreejita and Priyanka

As this week there’s a loss of ration in the house Bigg Boss has sent the contestants some fruits and a few packets of milk. Tina goes on to open up about her toxic relationship with Sreejita De and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. She later goes on to tell that she won’t ever be with Shalin because she has anger issues.

9:02 pm: Shalin and his feelings

Early in the morning before the alarm goes on Shalin sits with Sajid Khan and expresses that he is feeling like a fool. He also mentions that he had saved Tina twice putting himself in jeopardy. Sajid has a good laugh at this and suggests to him that if he has some dignity then he should wait for her to come and talk to him.

After the anthem, Sajid sits with his breakfast and discusses Shalin’s emotions with Soundarya Sharma, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Archana Gautam.

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