The Bigg Boss 16 contestants have stayed away from their families for months now and what a relief it’s to them to meet them again. In this family week, it’s going to be a teary affair but that’s not the frustration or sadness tears it’s the “khushi ke aasu” after seeing the family. To get an insight, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 100 Promo here. Sajid Khan‘s sister Farah Khan is the first one to enter the house and she brings a ton of messages and gossip from outside the house. Shiv Thakare‘s mother showers love to everyone and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary‘s brother also comes in to meet the other housemates. A huge twist awaits as the reality show will continue with the nomination special.

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11:03 pm: The nominations end

Nimrit, Sreejita, MC Stan and Sumbul are nominated for the week from the lost category. The 20 lakhs prize money is retrieved. Archana goes up against Abdu when she got to know that he nominated

10:45 pm: The nomination special begins

One by one the contestants will be called into the confession room and instead of Shiv, Sajid and Priyanka their families would coming in. By category wise Bigg Boss has put Prize money on all the contestants diving them category wise i.e. hyperactive, active and lost, if the contestant nominates category wise they get to gain the prize money back.

Farah, Archana, Shalin, Soundarya, Tina, and Priyanka’s brother nominate the lost category which is Nimrit, Sumbul, MC Stan & Sreejita. Shiv’s Aai, MC Stan, Sreejita, Sumbul, and Nimrit go on to nominate the active group which has Tina, Soundarya, Shalin & Abdu. Abdu is the only one who chooses the hyperactive group to be nominated in which Priyanka, Shiv, Archana & Sajid are included.

10:40 pm: Farah uplifts Archana

Archana confides in Farah and tells her that sometimes she feels low and needs a shoulder to cry on. The fight between Archana and Sajid is brought up by Farah and she tells that Sajid’s trigger point is her father. She even uplifts Archana by saying that many people have called her and have asked to meet her, Archana seems elated to have become celebrated.

10:38 pm: Tina and Shalin sit to talk

Tina opens up to Shalin that she is being paid for this show and to entertain the audience and that’s what she is doing. Shalin admits that he doesn’t want to believe that Tina was faking it.

10:30 pm: Farah gives an insight into Shalin and Tina’s relationship

Farah explains to Tina to not pounce at Shalin whenever he sits to talk with her. She calls Tina over-sensitive and she instigates the fight. Tina says that she feels for Shalin but, the bickering gets too much. Farah suggests to them both that they’ve tried being apart and there’s one month left for the season to get over and they can try being together. Sajid comes into the conversation and tells that Tina is worried about the viewers. But, Farah asks not to care about it.

10:23 pm: The contestants get to know a lot of the things

Farah reveals that Sreejita wanted to break up the mandali. Priyanka’s brother mentions an engagement in the family and also that her dad watches the repeat telecast because he sleeps early in the night. She also says that Tina is much nicer to Maahim than Shalin. Shiv’s mother also explains to Tina that Shalin does a lot for her and that she needs to calm down rather than get angry.

They all sit to eat food which Farah’s cook makes and Archana makes parathas for Shiv’s mom.

10:20 pm: Priyanka’s brother Yogesh enters the house

The next contestant to come into the house is Priyanka’s brother, Yogesh. While everyone is frozen she makes her brother meet her new friend, Sreejita and her enemy Archana and Nimrit. Bigg Boss discloses that Sajid, Priyanka and Shiv won’t be participating instead their family member would participate.

10:09 pm: Shiv’s Aai – Asha ji enters the house

Shiv’s mom enters with positivity in the house by saying ‘Om Shanti’. She hugs her son first and tells him not to cry and that he is playing well. Abdu is showered with kisses and loves from his mother. She also believes that Sajid did a good job in keeping the mandali together. She uplifts Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Soundarya Sharma for playing well in the house. Shiv’s Aai calls Archana Gautam a sparrow and gives her love also asking her very politely to not say anything bad about anyone else.

10:02 pm: Farah feels this is the Bigg Boss season to date

As everyone releases, Farah calls Priyanka Chahar Choudhary “Ghar ki Deepika Padukone” and she even conveyed Ankit Gupta’s message that he misses Priyanka. She even tells Tina that her mother has become a star after she clashed with Shalin’s mother. Farah also reveals that Shalin and Tina’s love story is going super boring. Farah in her comic element even mocks her brother hilariously for the way he tells everyone to relax.

9:56 pm: Farah Khan enters the house

Bigg Boss sends Farah Khan into the house and hugs him from behind. She cries after hugging her brother and asks him not to lose the ration. She conveys that his mom is very proud of him. Sajid also breaks down in tears while he is frozen. Farah goes on to meet the other contestants of the house and she goes to meet Shiv and thanks him for looking after Sajid. She goes to Sumbul Toqueer and uplifts her saying that Sajid looks out for her.

Sajid releases and she says that her weight is gone down because of taking Sajid’s tension. She hugs Abdu Rozik and she seems to be elated to meet him. He even gives her a warm hug

9:51 pm: Bigg Boss makes everyone assemble in the living area

The contestants are baffled to see that their shelves are clothes are very nicely kept. Bigg Boss announces that the room of two and the captain’s room will be now given to the V.V.I.P people. Bigg Boss also refills the ration for the contestants. He tells them that he is about to give him freeze and release instructions and they’ve to follow them. If the contestants fail to follow it as said then they’ll have to face the consequences.

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