10 Of Our Best Bigg Boss 10 Moments!

10 Of Our Best Bigg Boss 10 Moments!

Sukriti Gumber
Bigg Boss 10

Now that Bigg Boss 11 is just around the corner, we couldn’t help but be nostalgic about its 2016 counterpart, Bigg Boss 10. The makers took a risk by bringing in commoners against the celebrities and won the gamble – precisely why season 11 is repeating the concept.

True, there were some unpleasant components too in the Bigg Boss house last year (read Priyanka Jagga & Om Swami) (there were rumours that they were dating *pukes*), but I choose to filter my memory.

Let’s take a look at some of the things we loved in Bigg Boss 10:

1. #GauBani

Gaurav Chopra and Bani J

Bani J is currently going strong with her boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur, but back in the house when Gaurav Chopra used to be the only one who understood her – my heart went out to them. And I assume several others felt the same way. There is no other explanation for the innumerable “GauBani” fans.

2. #RoPa

Lopamudra Raut, Rohan Mehra

Rohan & Lopa were simply aww-dorable – standing next to each other throughout the strenuous duration of the show and not once giving up. #RoPa was another good outcome of Bigg Boss 10, and Rohan’s girlfriend Kanchi Singh seemed to agree.

3. Lokesh Kumari #YASSS

Lokesh Kumari
Lokesh Kumari

Lokesh was a gem of a discovery! The girl was AHH-MAZING. How many people can make you laugh just by being themselves and not even cracking jokes? None, except Lokesh. She was a refreshing change from the usual gossip mongers & task winners, too bad she was eliminated quite early.

4. Shah Rukh Khan & Salman Khan once again!

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan
Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

Can never have enough of their bromance! After years of alleged rivalry, you can’t blame us for wanting more of Salman-Shah Rukh.

5. #NitVeer

Nitibha Kaul, Manveer Gujjar

They were the biggest misfits when it came to couples/good friends/whatever in the house. But that’s what made them so endearing, if you ask me. Nitibha made her feelings for Manveer quite transparent, and the latter also went on a limb to put her in the good books of his BFF Manu.

Manveer, Nitibha

They also partied with each other a couple of times after the show. But I guess, like all good things, #NitVeer also fizzled.

Look at Nitibha blushing here as she is about to hug Manveer:

Nitibha Kaul (Source: Twitter | @BiggBoss)

Aww! :)

6. Bring back Ahil

Salman’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma and brother-in-law Ayush Sharma were guests on Bigg Boss Weekend Ka War, and they brought along their son, Ahil. Needless to say, Salman was quite happy to have his cute nephew on stage with him!

7. When Salman asked Priyanka Jagga to leave the show

Priyanka Jagga

It was a relief to see THE loudspeaker of the house being asked to leave the show. And even a bigger relief to see that the makers kept the show’s integrity intact and did not let it go awry with her presence – even if she was responsible for the TRPs. Wait, was she?

Doesn’t matter, out you go!

8. More weddings!

Monalisa and Vikrant
Monalisa and Vikrant

Unlike Sara Khan & Ali Merchant, the first ever couple to get married on Bigg Boss, Monalisa & Vikrant actually took their wedding vows seriously. Contrary to popular opinion, looks like their wedding ceremony was not a staged one, after all!

And it was fun to watch as well! So, YES to more weddings!

9. M3 friendship

Manveer, Mona, Manu Punjabi

This was not just another friendship that will go down in the history. Manu, Manveer & Monalisa had each others back throughout. It passed the test of time even when Mona’s then fiancé, Vikrant entered the house, jealous of Manu & Mona’s intimacy. Sure they had their share of ups and downs, but isn’t that makes the bond stronger?!

10. Aam Aadmi ki jeet

Salman Khan with Manveer Gurjar

I have to admit, no matter how popular Manveer became over a period of time, it was a difficult task to overturn Bani’s immense popularity AND win the season. In fact, not just Bani, he beat several other popular faces and made it to the end. The viewers clearly loved him and it was also an indication that the concept of commoners vs celebrities was a success. #WIN

What was your favourite moment? Tell us in the comments below!