This “Weekend Ka Vaar” from revelations to reality checks everything was direct on the face in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Whether it be Salman Khan taking Archana Gautam‘s class or questioning Shalin Bhanot over his behaviour it was all going straight to the contestants’s face. Even the task which happened gave an opportunity to the contestants to take revenge against each other . If you missed on this dramatic episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 90 Live Written Updates here!

The task that kicks off the episode causes everyone’s buried resentment to surface. This entails soaking the competitors in muddy water and pointing out their mistakes before the year is over. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, Shalin, Tina Datta, Sreejita De, Vikkas Manaktala, and Sajid Khan use buckets of dirtied water to attack Archana. Sajid expresses his displeasure with the entire task and also feels bad because everyone is placing emphasis on Archana as a result, causing some disruption in the mandali. Sajid disagrees with MC Stan‘s assertion because he doesn’t like her, and the two end up having a disagreement.

However, the targeting continues. Shiv Thakare ensures that he has the opportunity to punish Shalin for calling him ‘Ladkibaaz,’ as Sajid claims. But when the time comes, Sajid attempts to remain diplomatic.
Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia also labels Shalin as ‘overconfident,’ and how could Sumbul Toqueer pass up an opportunity to give it back to him after he called her weak? Soundarya Sharma also makes a point of stating her reasoning for Shalin’s remark about him calling Archana ‘unpad’. She even admits that he has said a few things about Tina that she cannot reveal because he has made a promise an shed wishes to maintain Tina’s respect by not saying them.

Naturally, Tina would want to know now that Soundarya has made this information public. This prompts a conversation in which Tina, who is upset with Shalin, grills him with inquiries and lashings. Soundarya asserts that Tina is only playing the game and that Shalin compelled her into making a promise. Following Shalin’s comment that Tina is acting infront of the camera seems to upset her. Shalin and Tina’s updates are always juicy. But, Tina is right to believe that Shalin has said alot of things behind her back and she has been unaware of it.

To be honest, the slammings are the best part and the highlight of every “Weekend Ka Vaar” because hearing Salman’s perspective just sheds light on the issues, clearing it for all of us. Between the last few fights in the house, Archana Gautam has been directly using the names of family members. She brought up Vikkas’ problem and Shalin’s wife making sick remarks. Salman Khan, on the other hand, will not tolerate this and asks the constatants to leave the living room so that he can have a one on one conversation. He expresses to Archana that her image has been ruined and that if she continues, these actions will be taken against her. Bhai says, “Ghar pe lane ki takat rakhta hu toh bahar niklane ki bhi utni hi takat rakhta hu. Bhai makes sure she understands that she has crossed her limits way more than necessary.

The series of reality check continues as it’s time for Shalin’s turn and Salman questions him that why did he only become so enraged on Archana when she asked him to take less food as there were other people involved. After Archana brought up a close family member of his, he claims he can no longer take it. He says that he finds the topic to be delicate and that she shouldn’t have said what she did. He is also questioned by Salman as to why he called Archana “kaisi do kaude ki aurat ho.” Shalin fumbles and gives it back to Salman by requesting that he remain silent while nonsense is being said. He claims to have blocked Shalin and changed his phone number because he doesn’t understand the point Salman is trying to make.

This is only it for today but as the “Weekend Ka Vaar” continues there is more yet to come as Abdu Rozik‘s coldness towards Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is clarified by bhai. When the drama comes in the Bigg Boss 16 house, it comes like a huge wave that cannot be stopped from washing away the personalities of the contestants. Stay tuned while the weekend has just started and there’s more to come.

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