Just like Bigg Boss mentioned today that this is the season of many firsts, the Bigg Boss 16 house brightened up more than usual today with Simi Garewal bringing her famous celebrity talk show to life after sixteen long years. If you missed the episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 103 Live Written Updates here. The family week goes on in the house with tons of love and fun. Sumbul Toqueer ‘s bade papa Iqbal, Soundarya Sharma‘s mother Usha and Sreejita De‘s fiance Michael enter the house with their bags of love and positivity.

While Tina Datta‘s mother, Shalin Bhanot‘s mother and Abdu Rozik‘s friend Sul takes a leave from the house, the first family member to step foot today in the house was Soundarya’s mother Usha who is such a warm lady. While it remains frozen for a long time she finds it irresistible to hug her mother and breaks down in tears. Soundarya’s mother proudly declares that she watches everyone on the show every day and is honoured to be called Soundarya’s mother. This was one of the sweetest mother-daughter interactions I’ve ever witnessed.

After the house witnesses a loving maa-beti Jodi, Sumbul Touqeer’s uncle, Iqbal Khan enters the house. Sumbul’s uncle’s upbeat personality makes everyone laugh. Sumbul is pranked by the mandali, who hides her face behind a dupatta. Even her uncle makes fun of her. He is a cheerful person who reveals that his wife refers to him as ‘Shemdi’ because of MC Stan. Abdu hugs Sumbul’s uncle and sings the song “Papa kehte hai” with him. He also expresses gratitude to Shiv Thakare for being like an elder brother to Sumbul.

Sreejita’s fiancé Michael Blohm-Pape enters the house while everyone is being asked to stay frozen, and the other contestants have set a glass at the door, treating him like the damad of the house so he can kick and perform the ghar pravesh. With all of his love, he gives Sreejita a good amount of kisses. Even Sreejita appears ecstatic when she sees her love. Archana is the only person who is incredibly happy to see Michael. Archana tells Sreejita’s fiance that her fantasy of speaking with and meeting a foreigner has been fulfilled after being over the moon to see a german foreigner in the house. She even makes him repeat her famous dialogue in Hindi “marte marte more bana dunga”.

There are some heavy discussions going on in the house and according to Sumbul’s uncle, Sumbul has a hidden child inside of her that she is unwilling to stifle. Shiv believes that her kiddish self won’t go and the audience likes her for it, and Sajid Khan immediately apologises to Sumbul for lecturing her and ends the conversation. Sumbul is advised by Shiv and her uncle to speak to them directly if she feels that they are overdoing something. Sajid drifts under his blanket because he is upset. Shiv attempts to convince him, but he is unreceptive. Later, Shiv tells MC Stan that Sajid is confusing and retells his efforts to convince him but failed to get through to him. Later, as MC Stan and Sajid are sitting together, Sajid goes on to say that Shiv has remained distant ever since the day Shekhar Suman referred to him as Chamcha.

They notice that, from the outside, it appears that Sajid and MC Stan are ragging her inside the house. When Sumbul joins the conversation, she makes it clear that her uncle has only witnessed a small number of events, such as when Sajid suggested that they save Sumbul because she cooks. Sajid asks if she ought to be explaining her angle and speaking about this to her uncle. Even Abdu admits that the public is not pleased with the way things have been going with the masti and Sajid Khan and that he has to be treated like any other contestant. Sumbul’s uncle explains to Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia that when she didn’t tell Sajid sternly about her and Abdu’s friendship, the audience questioned her a lot. Sumbul’s uncle informs them while he is still sitting there that no one outside is paying attention to anything.

As this season is filled with many surprises a glamourous surprise is given to the contestants after Simi Garewal brings her celebrity talk show to the television screen after sixteen years. In her own element, she admires MC Stan for his determination to succeed despite all odds. It is discussed how he transitioned from Qawali to Rap Music. She continues by asking Priyanka Chahar Choudhary which dish she would prefer—stardom or unconditional love—and Priyanka responds with love. Shiv replies that if he had to choose between stardom and his ideal dream girl, he would choose stardom. She approaches Archana and inquires about her transition from a model to a politician. Shalin responds shockingly by saying that he would choose anything other than Tina when given the choice between Tina and chicken. Simi telling Abdu “I love you” in his native tongue makes Abdu happy. She continues by asking each person what happiness they currently want for themselves. With this Simi wishes everyone all the best and takes a leave.

Simi’s presence made it very refreshing to watch today’s episode, it made me nostalgic. But, the drama still continued as Shalin and Tina had a fight in the kitchen over chicken. I have a feeling that this is about to get more worst in the upcoming days. Let’s wait to see where will each one’s destiny take them. Stay tuned for more updates and gossip.

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