I won’t deny missing Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 16 “Weekend Ka Vaar” but Karan Johar is back again to host the “Shukravaar Ka Vaar” in his very own sassy element. The latest episode of the show was a rollercoaster of emotions and actions, starting with a gloomy atmosphere due to the aftermath of a challenging task. Shiv Thakare ‘s one eye doesn’t seem to be doing well and Archana Gautam apologizes for it. Karan Johar stirs things up, teasing the contestants and bringing humour to the scene. A personal twist was added with the rapid-fire round, where the contestants revealed their thoughts on each other, leading to a heated argument between Shiv and Shalin Bhanot. To get a gist of today’s episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 125 Promo here.

The day starts so gloomy with everyone crying and fighting, let me give you the tea. Shiv suffers from the cruel task’s aftermath, with a painful eye. Archana feels responsible. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia tends to Shiv’s tears while Archana apologizes to Bigg Boss. The mandali supports Shiv, but Nimrit also cries with peeling skin. Archana tries to apologize to the mandali, but Nimrit rebuffs her. MC Stan follows Archana as she sobs in her room. Sumbul Toqueer confronts Archana, blaming her actions, but Archana highlights the lack of consideration from the mandali despite her apology.

Karan Johar comes on the stage with his very sassy self to stirs things up as he teases Shalin about ex-contestant Tina Datta. He praises Shiv and MC Stan’s participation and Archana’s new poetic style. Karan even jests about Sumbul’s long nomination task and her regret for getting her friends nominated too. Karan compliments Archana’s tattoo and asks the contestants to suggest tattoos for each other. Archana suggests an anaconda tattoo for Nimrit, claiming she hurts from within. Nimrit retorts with a question mark and exclamation mark tattoo. MC Stan suggests a chameleon tattoo for Shalin and Shalin suggests a glasses tattoo for MC Stan. Shiv offers a fox tattoo to Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Archana suggests a bell tattoo for Shiv. Shiv retorts with a spoon tattoo for Archana, claiming she was Soundarya Sharma‘s yes-man and now is Priyanka’s.

The housemate’s faces were worth a watch when Karan tricks them into thinking the show will be extended for a month. Archana is the only one happy about it, but Karan reveals it’s just a joke. As a filmmaker, Karan asks the contestants to act out different scenarios if the season lasted forty years. Archana and Shalin perform an award ceremony for overacting after four decades. They humorously mock Shalin’s butchering of English, drawing laughter from the housemates. Next, Shiv and Priyanka play out their 25th wedding anniversary, ribbing each other with jokes about Priyanka’s loud voice and her need to prove her point. Finally, Archana and MC Stan engage in a comical argument about bathroom cleaning, adding more humour to the scene.

In a personal twist, Karan brings out the truth with a rapid-fire round. Priyanka rates her housemates and drops a bomb saying she would date Shiv and marry MC Stan, but kill Nimrit. Nimrit fires back, calling Priyanka arrogant and ignorant. Shalin labels Priyanka as stylish, Archana as irritating, and Nimrit “dariya dil.” as the questioning goes on Shalin confirms Shiv is a bully. Archana gives Shalin the movie “Ghayal” while Priyanka receives “Khalnayak.” MC Stan compliments Priyanka’s dress, face cut, and laugh. The truth bombs keep flying, leaving Karan in stitches.

The heat rose in the room as Shiv confronted Shalin, challenging his claim of being labelled a bully. The two engaged in a fiery argument, with Shalin desperately trying to clear his name. Despite his efforts, Shiv demanded that Shalin distance himself, unwilling to share the same space. Meanwhile, Priyanka added fuel to the fire, unleashing her frustration on Shalin and calling out his authenticity.

But before things get too intense, Karan Johar brings in Badshah for a fun-filled task. The rapper hands out roses and compliments to the contestants then tasks them with placing photos on a wall of fame and a wall of shame. The contestants cast their votes, with MC Stan and Shiv receiving the most praise, while Archana lands in the wall of shame. The episode ends on a high note, filled with laughter, drama, and a little bit of shade.

All in all, the episode was a combination of drama, laughter, and shade. But, that’s not it one member from the mandali is about to leave the house, Shiv, Sumbul or MC Stan – who do you think it would be? Keep guessing just like I am. Stay tuned for more updates and gossip.