The Bigg Boss 16 house was a whirlwind of drama with Archana Gautam, Shiv Thakare, and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary taking centre stage in the courtroom. While some were exposed for their lack of authenticity, Shiv was exposed for backstabbing Sumbul Toqueer. To get a gist, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 126 Promo here. The top 6 finalists have emerged with their heads high and one of the mandali members has left the house. I am going to give you all the tea on this episode. So keep reading!

The episode begins with Karan Johar putting Archana in place for the torture task assigned. Karan scolds Archana for seeking revenge under the guise of completing a challenge for the grand prize and accuses her of having a vindictive glint in her eyes. Despite Archana’s denial, Karan is unimpressed and points out Shiv Thakare’s swollen eye as evidence of her personal involvement. The host highlights Archana’s contradictory actions, throwing her preachy words about not wasting food back in her face as she carelessly wasted it during the task. Karan calls her behaviour revolting and ridiculous. Frustrated with Archana’s stubbornness, Karan decides to move on, realizing he’s wasting his breath trying to reason with her.

The Bigg Boss 16 house transforms into a courtroom as the contestants are called to the stand to face accusations from a designated prosecutor. Shiv takes the stand first with Priyanka as his defence attorney. Karan brings up the statement that the “Mandali” is about friendship and not just a numbers game, and calls out the Mandali’s inclusion of ex-contestant Soundarya Sharma, Archana, Sumbul Toqueer, and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. Shiv counters with his argument that the original Mandali consisted of ex-contestants, Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik along with him and MC Stan. He highlights his long-standing friendship with Nimrit and how that bond helped them in the game. Priyanka points out that the Mandali took in Soundarya despite Shiv’s personal dislike for her, further solidifying their motives as a game of numbers. Karan advises Shiv not to be defensive and acknowledges that everything has been in their favour with no one able to stand against them.

Karan brings up the hotly debated topic of the Mandali’s discontent with Sumbul and questions why no one has brought it to her attention. He reveals the behind-the-scenes conversation between Shiv, Nimrit, and MC Stan and accuses them of backstabbing Sumbul. Despite Karan’s efforts to advise Shiv to be upfront with Sumbul, Shiv denies the accusations and claims they were merely discussing. Tensions rise and Karan dramatically announces that Shiv is being evicted for the week, causing a stunned silence. However, it is revealed that Karan’s eviction threat was just a lesson, and Shiv remains in the house. Karan calls out the fake behaviour towards Sumbul and exposes Priyanka and Shiv as the two most calculating players in the house. He theorizes that the reason they stand opposite each other is due to their cunning nature.

Next, up in the court stand was the fiery Archana taking the stand to face the accusations brought forward by Karan and the appointed prosecution team. Nimrit and MC Stan join forces as the lawyers, determined to unravel the truth about Archana’s actions. Karan brings up the point of Archana’s approach to removing Ankit with the support of the mandali. Nimrit exposes Archana’s manipulative behaviour and her lack of genuine remorse for her actions during the torture task. MC Stan accuses Archana of using and discarding people for her own benefit and never playing alone. Karan adds to the accusations, suggesting that Archana takes things personally and seeks revenge when things don’t go her way. The court session takes a hilarious turn as Archana gets defensive and declares that she will no longer talk to Bigg Boss or the cameras.

As Priyanka takes the stand in the Bigg Boss courtroom, the first charge against her is a lack of authenticity in her relationships. Shiv, the prosecution lawyer, asserts that whenever someone contradicts her views or challenges her, she swiftly cuts ties with them. He cites the example of Shalin Bhanot, who she betrayed after a minor disagreement. Priyanka tries to defend herself by claiming that she did form a strong bond with her former housemate Tina Datta. Karan, the judge, counters her argument by pointing out that in all 16 seasons of Bigg Boss, Priyanka is the only one without a proper friend. He notes that after Ankit Gupta‘s departure, Priyanka was lost in the house and lacked the ability to form meaningful relationships. He labels her as rigid, saying that anyone who crosses her path is promptly cast aside. He concludes that she is nothing but arrogant.

The episode heats up as Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta challenge the housemates to punch out their frustrations. But the drama cools down with the arrival of singer Iulia Vantur, who brings the house to life with her hit song “Raat Baaki”. Contestants showcase their moves to popular Bollywood numbers, with Priyanka’s sultry performance of “Piya Tu,” Nimrit’s graceful grooves to “Salaam-e-ishq,” and Shiv’s electrifying moves to “Gandi Baat”. Don’t miss tonight’s entertaining episode.

The moment arrives, the “Biggest elimination of the season.” Anticipation runs high as the host announces that Sumbul must bid farewell to the house. Though upset about her blunder during the task, Sumbul embraces the change with grace. Karan offers well wishes, bidding a warm farewell to his fellow housemate.

The Bigg Boss 16 house has boiled down to its final 6 contenders, each ready to bring their A-game and fight for the grand prize. Priyanka, Shalin, Shiv, MC Stan, Archana and Nimrit have proven their mettle and outlasted the rest. With twists and turns ahead, the excitement level is at its peak! Get ready to witness the ultimate showdown as the final six unleash their strategies. Don’t miss a beat, stay tuned for more drama and gossip!